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Prestwood IT Newsletter Apr 2010 Issue - Prism Edition


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  April 2010 - Prism Edition Year 12 Issue 4  
Your full service technology partner!
From The Editor
Mike Prestwood

Hi all, websites now on a dedicated server!!!   Finally. Sunday April 25th we finished migrating our family of websites to a dedicated server. {#biggrin} Now all our websites should be much more enjoyable to use:

Now that we are no longer running into slowness nor that dreaded 503 error, we can start to re-enable some of the features we disabled. You'll notice the Who's Online box has returned at the bottom of the pages when you're on either or Other community features will return shortly.


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SQL Servers topic (classic post):
General SQL Optimization Tips
by Bryan Valencia

In this article, you will be shown a few generic methods to optimize your SQL queries.  This information is not database-specific (other than in a few places) and should apply to any SQL based database.

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Tool Basics topic (classic post):
Share Code with Delphi and Prism
by Mike Prestwood

Can I share code between a Delphi and a Dephi Prism project? I want to have a single source Win32 and .Net application.

OOP topic (classic post):
Delphi Prism Member Modifiers
by Mike Prestwood

Prism supports a full suite of member modifiers. Prism virtuality modifiers are virtual, override, final, and reintroduce. Prism general modifiers are abstract, empty, async, external, locked, unsafe, implements, and iterator. Not all member types support all member modifiers. For example, member fields support only readonly and implements.

 Monthly Prism Lesson
Language Basics Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Same as Delphi.

//Does Prism evaluate the math correctly? No!
//This is different than later versions of 
//Delphi that muse MaxSingle in math.pas.
If .1 + .1 + .1 = .3 Then

MessageBox.Show("not correct");
Tool Basics Topic:
Download of the Month: Oxidizer

Oxidizer is a free tool that (in combination with ShineOn) is provided to help to port Delphi (Win32 and .NET) projects to the Delphi Prism language. Oxidizer is a command line tool that will adjust your .pas source files for common differences between the two languages.

Language Basics Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: The Delphi Prism WIKI

This wiki is provided as a central live source of information about Delphi Prism and will be updated in an ongoing process.

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