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December Edition
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Prestwood IT Newsletter Mar 2010 Issue - Prism Edition


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  March 2010 - Prism Edition Year 12 Issue 3  
Your full service technology partner!
From The Editor
Mike Prestwood

This edition, March 2010, is coming out late in the month. I held up sending it because we are trying to improve layout and content of our monthly eMag. Our goal is to deliver a better free product to you. We appreciate you subscribing and we want to make sure our eMag is of interest to you and contains useful information and links. You'll notice this month's eMag has a simpler look and feel to it and you'll see many more improvements like this over the next few months.

We also know that our servers lately have, at times, been slow. Right now we are migrating to our viaVerio hosting farm (same servers we use with our hosting clients). We will be moving in the next month or so to a new server. Until then, thank you for putting up with our occasionally slow website.

Again, thank you for subscribing to our monthly eMag.

--Mike Prestwood

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Ramesh R
General, Getting Started, etc. topic:
Critical Thinking in technical writing
by Ramesh R

Critical Thinking skills comes automatically as a writer becomes experienced over a period of time. Learning to write and transforming the ideas into writing help develop critical thinking aspects/skills. A clear set of phases/activities are inititated in the human brain as part of critical thinking. This article helps to understand the learning basics, learning process and the impact of writing that drives critical thinking skills. This is a good read for all our technical writing friends across the globe.

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Language Details topic (classic post):
Delphi Prism Overloading (implicit)
by Mike Prestwood

Like Delphi, Prism supports overloading. However, Prism supports implicit overloading (no need for an overload keyword).

OOP topic (classic post):
Delphi Prism Class..Object (
by Mike Prestwood

Declare your class in the Interface section. Then implement the class in the Implementation section. To create an object instance, use the New keyword. Optionally, you can use Create for backword compatibility with Delphi if you turn it on in the compatibility options. Since Prism does have a garbage collector, you do not have to free the object. If you need to free either unmanaged resources or resources where "timing" is important, implement IDisposable and take control of freeing the object yourself using Dispose.

 Monthly Prism Lesson
OOP Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Prism uses the keyword method for member methods. Alternatively, you can use procedure or function if you want the compiler to make sure all functions return a value and all procedures do not.

In the interface section:

Cyborg = class(System.Object)

  public method IntroduceYourself();

In the Implementation section:

method Cyborg.IntroduceYourself();

  MessageBox.Show("Hi, I do not have a name yet.");

On some event like a button click:

var T1: Cyborg;

  T1 := New Cyborg;
Tool Basics Topic:
Download of the Month: ShineOn

A Delphi Prism implementation of the Delphi for Win32 RTL.

Language Details Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: The Delphi Prism Primer

Comprehensive introduction by Christian Stelzmann.

Delphi Prism Topic:

What is the difference between a partial method and an abstract method?


Both are very similar in usage. However, a partial method is a callable empty method whereas an abstract method is a defined method in a parent class that must be implemented in a child class. Contrast this with a partial method which can be implemented in a child class but does not have to be. Partial methods are common with code generators for managing events.

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