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Prestwood IT Newsletter Jun 2009 Issue - PHP Edition


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  June 2009 - PHP Edition Year 11 Issue 6  
Your full service technology partner!
From The Editor
Mike Prestwood

Prestwood Software has moved! Same phone numbers but please update your address book:

New Address...

Prestwood Software
8421 Auburn Blvd, Suite 256
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Map to Prestwood Software 

We moved down the street closer to the freeway exit. The new office building is much nicer and we have room to grow! We are just settling into our new place but if you're in the area, please stop by and say hello.

New Logo!
To celebrate our new location, we've also launched a new logo:


New Tech Services!
With our new location we've expanded our services to include Tech Services for the greater Sacramento, CA area and remotely. Although our focus is and will always be coding and software development, some of our local clients have asked us to expand into tech services so we can provide a complete solution for them.

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Ramesh R
General, Getting Started, etc. topic:
Quick Tips: Writing a Marketing Plan
by Ramesh R

Marketing plan is the first prerequisite once the company decides with bringing the product to the market. It is important to analyze market conditions, growth aspects before starting to release any product. A marketing plan document is a good start and plays a very important role in understanding the market better. This plan discusses several different aspects of marketing strategy.

Windows Vista topic (classic post):
How to setup a shortcut in Vista
by Mike Prestwood

To create a shortcut, right click on the deskop and select New | Shortcut. The old ways of altering the properties or even copying existing shortcuts is now very limited.

American I.T. workforce topic:
Sharpening your skills - A short story
by Ramesh R
Here is a short story about a woodcutter and his job. From this job, we have lot of learnings that implies to our career and sharpening our skills. Such examples in life are very important for shaping our career. Enjoy the short story.

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Beginners Corner topic (classic post):
PHP Associative Array
by Mike Prestwood

Declare associative array with initial known values. You can also add to associative array. (You can just assign values without ever declaring it too!)

 Monthly PHP Lesson
Beginners Corner Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Common comparison operators:

== equal
!= or <> not equal
< less than
> greater than
<= less than or equal
>= greater than or equal

PHP 4 and above also offers === for indentical (equal plus same type) and !== for not identical (not equal or not same type).

//Does PHP evaluate the math correctly? No!
if (.1 + .1 + .1 == .3) {

echo "correct";
else {
echo "not correct";
Beginners Corner Topic:
Download of the Month: Download PHP (Install it)

Download page from PHP.Net.

Contains Windows PHP downloads and links to other OS binaries.

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