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Prestwood IT Newsletter Oct 2008 Issue - Windows Edition


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  October 2008 - Windows Edition (245 of 4,779 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 10 Issue 10  
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PrestwoodBoards topic:
Spend Your Points!
It's time to spend your member points!
Software topic (classic post):
10 FREE Must-Have Net Admin Apps
by Mike Prestwood

If you maintain more than a few computers, here are 10 applications you should have in your toolbox of software.

Foreign Worker Visas: H-1B, L-1 topic (classic post):
Will Sep 29 'Black Monday' stem the call for more H-1b programmers?
by Kim Berry
On Sep 29 stocks overall dropped by 10%. Some, like Apple, dropped by close to 20%. ComputerWorld asked how the current financial crisis might sway Congress on the H-1b issue.

Delphi for Win32 topic (classic post):
Delphi 2009 Ships!
Embarcadero Technologies unveils Delphi 2009! The next generation of the popular CodeGear rapid application development (RAD) tools for Windows native code development.

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Windows Users topic (classic post):
Disable Unused Windows Services
by Vicki Nelson

Optimize your Windows performance by disabling unused Windows Services.

 Monthly Windows Lesson
Windows Vista Topic:
Definition of the Month: SuperFetch
Memory caching scheme introduced with Windows Vista that tracks what kind of applications you use and loads them into RAM so they can be launched faster. SuperFecth can use ReadyBoost to add to the available cache using a ReadyBoost compliant USB 2.0 flash drive. SuperFetch and ReadyBoost speed up virtual memory transactions.
Windows Vista Topic:
Documented Error of the Month: Vista SP1 Missing ACPI.SYS file w/ error code of 0xc0000098
Error: Missing critical file ACPI.SYS (error code 0xc0000098).

If you received this after you applied Vista SP1, follow the onscreen directions.

Note When applying Vista's SP1, have your bootable Vista CD available when you apply this service pack. Vista will detect if anything goes wrong, and prompt you to boot from your installation CD. If you have a new computer with the media on the drive, create a CD prior to applying SP1!!! This happened to me last night while at home and I had to wait until today to get to the office to boot from my installation CD. I received the dreaded missing ACPI.SYS file with an error code of 0xc0000098.

Windows Users Topic:
Question: What is the relationship between ReadyBoost and virtual paging?


All files cached to ReadyBoost are still backed up on disk in virtual memory. This is why you can disconnect a ReadyBoost device anytime you wish. ReadyBoost increases overall speed because random I/Os are faster with flash RAM than with disk. It's interesting to note that some hard drives are much faster at sequential I/O than flash RAM so ReadyBoost focuses on caching virtual memory which is random I/O intensive. Many industry experts expect flash RAM to outperform disks in the near future especially now that Microsoft has created a market for super fast flash RAM devices.

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