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Microsoft Outlook Will Not Accept Incoming Emails
Posted 20 months ago on 2/1/2020 and updated 11/1/2020
Take Away:

This article discusses a troubleshooting appointment I recently had where the customer’s Microsoft Outlook could send emails, but not receive them. A message appeared that said Outlook had reached its capacity.


I recently went to see a longtime software development customer who said he was having a problem receiving emails in his Microsoft Outlook application. He said he could send emails without problem, but he was not receiving the incoming messages. He also went on to say that he could delete emails from his laptop computer, but not from the Outlook app on his phone, which made this problem even stranger. The mail server settings under Accounts were also set correctly, so this one was going to be a real zinger for me.

So, as I always do when a customer needs a computer repair problem fixed and I don’t have the first clue as to how I will do it – I research on the internet. Online research has made the difference between success and failure more times than I can remember. After poking around the search results for a few minutes, I found what looked like a solution that involved making manual changes to the Windows System Registry. I didn’t know whether or not this fix was even viable, but I had to try as there were no other alternatives available to me.

I used this pathway in the Windows System Registry, since the customer was using Microsoft Office 2010 (14.0 is indicative of Office 2010):


In this case, I actually had to create keys in the Windows System Registry for “14.0” and then “Outlook” beneath that. Next, under the “Outlook” key, I had to create a key called “PST”. Now, under the “PST” key, I needed to create a DWORD, which is called “MaxFileSize”. And for the value of this DWORD, I entered the decimal value of 2,075,149,312, which equals 1.933 Gigabytes of space in the PST. Next, I added another DWORD under the “PST” key called “WarnFileSize” and made this equal to 90% of the value in “MaxFileSize”.

Now, we tried sending an email to this Outlook account and it received it successfully. We tried several more times and these emails also arrived without incident. And now we could also delete emails from the Outlook app on the customer’s phone, which we could not do before.

So I found the best solution for this problem thanks to the wealth of information available on the internet. In many of these situations, it really comes down to how good you are at researching stuff online.


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