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Computer Troubleshooting People Develop Basketball Court Vision
Posted 26 months ago on 11/17/2019
Take Away:

This article describes a computer troubleshooting appointment I recently had that shows how I could sense a solution to a perplexing problem by way of my developed “basketball court vision”.


After you have been in the computer repair business for as long as I have, you will begin to develop a “sixth sense” for why some things are not working as they should. In the NBA, players develop “court vision”. They know instinctively who will be at what part of the court and when for specific plays or situations. In my business, I have developed a form of “basketball court vision”. I can synthesize why some things are screwed up without even adhering that much to a logical train of thought, if that makes any sense at all.

I recently went to see one of my "fix my computer" customers to look at a problem he had. The customer called me because he was attempting to copy a 4.31 Gigabyte file to a 115 Gigabyte flash drive, which had no files on it. The computer kept throwing up an error message stating there was not enough space on the flash drive to hold the file he was trying to copy. On the surface, this made absolutely no sense at all. How in the world could an empty 115 Gigabyte flash drive not be able to accept a 4.31 Gigabyte file? It was RIDICULOUS!!

Well, this is where my “basketball court vision” came into play – no pun intended. I checked the file system of the flash drive and sure enough it was formatted for the old FAT32 file system. With the customer’s permission, I asked if I could reformat the flash drive to the current NTFS file system and he agreed. A minute later I attempted to copy the 4.31 Gigabyte file to the newly formatted flash drive and it worked just fine.

In most any business (in my humble opinion) you develop a feel or sense for solving perplexing problems having been in the industry for so long. Quite often, it is sheer instinct rather than logic that leads you to the problem solution. Perhaps this is why so many job ads state, EXPERIENCE WANTED.


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Very Informative.

Posted 17 months ago

Comment 2 of 2

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