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You Need More Than One or Two Horses Pulling Your Marketing Wagon
Posted 31 months ago on 2/9/2018
Take Away:

This article makes the case for having multiple marketing techniques for procuring new business, rather than just one or two.


I have a theory about one of the reasons why people fail in business – and there are many. Some entrepreneurs take on too much debt or hire too many employees. Others pick the wrong business location. Many new business people are just too inexperienced or lacking in motivation.

However, the reason for failure I’m speaking of is marketing. Not necessarily the wrong way of marketing one’s products or services. But rather, the number of successful marketing initiatives you are spearheading. I would submit that running a business with only one or two ways of finding new customers is too risky and ultimately unsustainable.

The logic behind my assertion is fairly straightforward to understand. Any marketing campaign will inevitably cycle through a series of ups and downs. Isn’t it a much better idea to have 6, 7 or even 8 marketing initiatives pulling your wagon along rather than just one or two? When you have more numerous ways of finding new customers you are more likely to stay in business and avoid the painful and potentially fatal business downturns from using only one marketing campaign. This is actually a borrowed concept from the stock market. Super diversification of your investments will ultimately ease the impact you feel from the inherent ups and downs of the financial markets.

Consider the various ways I currently find business for myself:

  • New customers from online business directories I’m listed with.
  • New customers from tear-tab flyer distribution.
  • New customers from“” ad posted every 2 to 3 days.
  • New customers from“” phone texts and emails.
  • Repeat business from existing customers.
  • Referral business from existing customers.

Relying on only one or two marketing initiatives is not the best way to orchestrate your push to find new customers. Whether you are running a custom software business like me or any other kind of enterprise, you need marketing diversification. Aside from helping you stay in business, it can create a safety buffer against things like cash flow crunches and unforeseen “black swan” events that can cripple an unprepared entrepreneur.


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