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Your Website made it to Google Page One: What is Next?
Posted 31 months ago on 2/9/2018
Take Away:

This article discusses why you can just rest on your laurels after your website is ranked on the first search results page in Google.


Your website has recently been listed on Google page one for the keywords you specified in the title tag of your home page. Few people can make a claim like that, but you are now one of them. Now you face a crossroads. Should you slow down your link building and take it easy? Or should you continue adding back links by publishing industry relevant articles on quality websites that won you that pristine search rank in the first place?

While it’s tempting to cool your jets and bask in the limelight of your highly visible search rank, I am convinced that is not the right choice. I would like to make the case for continuing the link building strategy that bred your success. Having your website on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords is a great feat, but the work can’t stop there. There are many other site owners who would love to occupy your spot, especially for hyper competitive keyword phrases like computer repair and fix my computer, if I may use myself as an example.

The whole point of advancing to the first page of Google search results for your keyword(s) is so you will stay visible for the long term. In other words, you want to be where potential customers can easily see you for a long time so the chances of being found are much greater. It is a best practice to adopt a long term strategy of publishing industry relevant articles on quality websites containing back links to your website. I would venture to say this is even more important than it was when you were striving to reach the first page of the search results, because now you have so much more to lose.

This is actually a “hedging game” when you really think about it. You are now entrenching yourself with an increasingly strong defensive search rank position by publishing more and more articles. That lessens the possibility that some ferocious competitors using your chosen keywords can oust you from your spot.

In today’s competitive world where one’s fortunes can rise and fall so quickly, complacency can be the business equivalent of a “nail in the coffin”. It is much more prudent to follow a proactive game plan of protecting your hard won search rank position. There are too many website owners out there who would very much like to take your place.


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