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A Small Window of Opportunity May Be the Only Size You Will Find
Posted 31 months ago on 2/8/2018
Take Away:

This is a philosophical article that makes the point that business opportunities are often brief and fleeting in nature.


How often do you find good, wide open business opportunities? I would like to make the case that it rarely happens. In fact, I believe most of the ones you do find are not wide open at all. They tend to be small openings to good opportunities and they are fleeting in nature. You see them, then you don’t see them. It's that quick.

The typical consumer nowadays is distracted with not only lots and lots of advertising, but also many other “personal goings ons”, so to speak. There isn’t too much space left on a “person’s plate of to dos” for much else. Below are some examples what many potential customers may have on their minds during the course of a day:

“I have to take my daughter to the pediatrician after seeing red splotches on her neck last night. The doctor’s office can only see us at 5:20 this afternoon, which means I’ll have to put up with the rush hour stop and go traffic on my way there.”

“I have to find a diplomatic way to tell my in-laws I won’t ink a check for the $50,000 they need for their entrepreneurial start up, because they are new to business with no business plan and I’ll never see those dollars again.”

“I’m meeting my gal pal Suzie Q for a pedicure and a latte this afternoon and my stress level is heading north, because I’m having a really bad hair day.”

“Today I’m giving the iPhone a real workout, because of what happened at my condo owners meeting last night. The crazy neighbor at the other end of my cul-de-sac went thermonuclear in front of everyone, because she was livid about the new budget they proposed for repairs to the development.”

Jollies aside, it really comes down to this. Even if my marketing message is noticed by someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean I will get a space on his or her plate of things to do. I still have to compete for attention amongst all the other things the person has going on. We can all recall important things we wanted to get done, but just couldn’t get around to it until much later. My tear tab computer services flyer was specifically designed to hopefully overcome this psychological hurdle.

Here is what my computer repair services flyer looks like.

As comical as it seems, there is actually a very serious and deliberate purpose to its structure:

  • Get the person’s attention.
  • Hold the person’s attention until he or she finishes reading the message.

The fact that it has a graphical message interspersed with counterpart words is for good reason. I’m against using paragraphs full of “supersalesman blah-blah-blah” or the “we’re you’re number one professional services company blah-blah-blah” and similar stuff. It’s boring and it can very easily tax the patience of someone who is in a hurry with any number of things on his or her mind. As you can see from above, my tear tab flyer has none of that mundane stuff. The graphical appearance is designed to get someone’s attention and fast! And this is critical since my window of opportunity to identify with the person's problem and connect is so small to begin with.

Many of the people who have responded to my flyer have told me their computers had not been working right for several weeks or even months. In other words, these were incubating business opportunities that had not yet been reached by myself or the competition. It just took the graphical message on my tear tab flyer to activate a “dormant fix my computer issue” so it turned into actual business for me.


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