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Policy Will Determine the Fate of a Technology Enterprise
Posted 33 months ago on 12/18/2017 and updated 9/16/2018
Take Away:

This article discusses how business policy can determine whether or not a company survives.


Perhaps you thought a business only had to sell a lot of products or services to make it? There are a lot of businesses that have enormous sales volume as well as growth and they still manage to fail for a variety of reasons. In my own experience as a computer software entrepreneur, I have tried an array of different policies for managing my business. I would submit that it is good or bad policy that determines whether an enterprise will ultimately survive or perish.

If policy determines the success or failure of a business, then how should that business policy be crafted to effect a positive outcome? I would like to make the case that business policy should be fabricated to neutralize the greatest threats to the survival of a business. Obviously these threats will vary greatly from one type of business to the next. Too much debt, bad employees, exorbitant taxes, high cost of raw materials and transportation costs are just some of the many factors that can sink an enterprise.

Using myself as an example, I have learned from years of experience that the greatest threat to my business by far is designing custom software for the wrong people. They want a lot of work done for very little money and they absolutely must be avoided at all times. So how did I remedy this? I did so with my terms of service web page at When someone is interested in having me do programming work for them, I email them a link to my terms of service. Though it‘s brief in content, it is nevertheless a powerful deterrent to those who are intent on trying to make me work for nothing. It states that I must be paid in 10 hour increments before the work can proceed. This provision was created for purpose of making it impossible for project customers to accumulate a large block of unbilled time. This is a very risky way to do business, because a ruthless person can use that as leverage against me to force me to do a lot of unauthorized work they don‘t intend to pay for.

My “Terms of Service” policy has been in effect for over 3 years now, replacing the old version that wasn’t protecting me. This will always drive away the people who want nothing to do with someone who functions like a business. It has worked extremely well, having saved me from the grief and aggravation of working for undesirable people who have no place in my busy appointment schedule.

Whatever business you are engaged in, you need very quickly to put down the threats that can waste your time, cost you money and endanger the very existence of your enterprise. I remedied my problem with appropriately worded terms of a “Terms of Service” website and it has served me well. Soaring sales revenue and profits may not necessarily correct festering problems in your business that could one day bring your company to its knees. No two businesses are alike, each exhibiting a unique set of difficulties. Like the custom software I create for customers, each business requires a customized solution to ward off the greatest threats to its survival.


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