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A Trio of Free and Useful Software Utilities
Posted 47 months ago on 11/18/2017 and updated 11/17/2020
Take Away:

This article describes in detail three useful software utilities for PC users that are available for download at no charge to you.



Here I have included a collection of three useful software utilities that can help people with everyday computer chores. And of course they are all free of charge! I have used each of these myself and can say they do what they claim, so without further ado, here they are described in detail.


“Easy Contacts Delete For Gmail” is a free and handy little utility for people who need to remove a lot of their Gmail contacts in a simple, quick and efficient way. There’s no longer a need to delete contacts a the hard way with this terrific, time saving application. It does the hard work for you.

This utility displays a dialog screen with four tabs at the top: “Options”, “Proxy Settings”, “Google OAuth Login”, and “About”.


At the top of this dialog, key in your Gmail username (gmail email address) and its corresponding password in the text boxes provided. Then click the "Signin" button below and you will see a window off to the side appear and then disappear. Next, you will see a message below the login info stating "Signed in as{gmail email address}". If you don‘t want to sign in every time you use the utility, then check the "Save Settings" button. A message box will appear that says "Settings Saved".

In the section below, you can select “Delete All Contacts” as well as “Delete All Contact Groups”. There is also a check box to delete all contacts from a specific group, which you choose from a drop down box. After you have made your selections, just click the “Start Deletion” button. “Easy Contacts Delete For Gmail” will take care of the rest.

Near the bottom of this dialog screen, you will find some handy links to online Google resources. These include the following:

How to Export/Backup Gmail Contacts

How to Download Your Gmail Contacts

How to Restore Deleted Gmail Contacts

How to Revoke Access


This is required if you go through a proxy server to connect to the internet. This feature uses two modes:

Use Windows Default Proxy

Manually specify a proxy server IP

The second option requires you to specify a port if your proxy server requires authentication. When you "Enable Proxy Settings", you must enable "Use windows Default Proxy Settings" or enter the proxy host when you want to manually enter the proxy.


Here are the software requirements for running the “Easy Contacts Delete For Gmail” utility. I‘m assuming it is also compatible with the new Windows 10.

Windows XP or Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 (including 64 bit)

.NET Framework v3.5 or higher.

Gmail Account (obvious!)

Between the free cost, easy of use and speed of “Easy Contacts Delete For Gmail”, I believe this is the best utility for removing a large number of Gmail contacts. Most people I‘ve seen who want to remove a lot of  their Gmail contacts just assume they have to do it the manual way, because they are not aware of this application. This utility is a tremendous timesaver and you can download it here: "". One of the great benefits of software is to economize time and work and “Easy Contacts Delete For Gmail” is a great example of how to do it.


I use a laptop computer to do many different tasks for my business and other things. I have been plagued by a very annoying problem – “cursor jumping”. The text cursor jumps to a different location on the edit screen when I am typing. It happens in Microsoft Word, Wordpad, Notepad as well as email edit pads – you name it. At first, there did not seem to be a fix for this problem from all the articles and message boards I’ve seen. However, I have finally discovered a neat little software utility that seems to neutralize this snafu – it’s called “TouchFreeze”.

Upon researching this "fix my computer" issue, I discovered the message boards are filled with people complaining about cursor jumping on their laptop computers. They can’t get their work done, valuable time is being wasted, they can’t meet work deadlines, etc. From my own experience, it seemed to happen much more frequently when I typed faster on my laptop computer versus keying in information at a slower pace. From what I have read online, this appears to be an unresolved technical snafu with the laptop’s touchpad device.

At first I tried to resolve this pesky problem in a haphazard way. I went into the Windows control panel to tinker with the properties for the mouse. I tweaked this and that to no avail – I got the same cursor jumping problem! I tried to adjust other things in the Windows control panel, but no joy.

The “TouchFreeze” utility works by automatically disabling the laptop’s touchpad while the user is typing text. It’s a really simple solution when you think about it. The cursor jumping problem is prevented from happening at the exact time it can only happen - when you are typing! “TouchFreeze” can be downloaded for free from at no charge to you. If you are happy with it, you may also make a donation to the creator. It installs very easily and runs in the Windows system tray upon startup. You won’t even know it‘s there, but you will notice it is making your life much easier thanks to no more cursor jumping!

This fine little utility has saved me a lot of wasted time and effort by eliminating the annoying cursor jumping problem. It‘s a really simple computer repair to counter a very annoying problem. And it‘s free, too (unless you opt to donate something to the creator, of course). Now I am much more efficient and productive in my work. I am very thankful to have discovered the “TouchFreeze” utility.


What are you to do if you are using a computer with an older version of Windows and you need a good CD/DVD burning program, but you don’t want to buy one or download a 30 day trial version? You can always get completely free burning programs that run on newer versions of Windows that will do a good job for you. But what if you are still running Windows XP or even Me – then what?

I have discovered a real gem of a CD/DVD burning program called “DeepBurner”. The version I use on my old Gateway tower PC is version and it will run on Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME as well as XP. You can download this at

After you have completed the set up program, just double click on the blue and white colored “DB” desktop icon. It loads quickly, even on my old Gateway Pentium 4 system running Windows ME. The main program screen appears in the background behind a small screen in the middle called “Select project type:”. Here you will specifiy what type of disk you want DeepBurner to make for you: data, audio or ISO. After you make your selection, click the “Next” button. You will see another small screen titled “New project” that only appears after selecting the data project type. You can choose multisession (the default in most cases), append session, or no multisession. Again, click the “Next” button and you will be taken to the main program screen.

The first thing to do here is configure the work area you will be using to create CD/DVD layouts. At the very top you will notice a menu bar with several items. Just beneath this are function buttons that also do many of the same things in the menu bar above. At least one screen will appear in the body – the layout dialog. It will be titled “Data CD#1”, “Audio CD#1” or “Burn ISO#1”, depending on which project type you picked before. I like to enable the “Explorer” window for selecting files and folders, also. You can click the “Launch new browser window” button in the function buttons row to make it appear. Next, you have several different options for organizing the Explorer and the layout dialog windows. You can click on “Window” in the menu bar to select “Cascade”, “Tile Horizontally” or “Tile Vertically”. You can find these features in the function buttons row, also. I prefer the Tile Horizontally option, because I think that is easiest to work with.

Here, I will step through how to create a layout for a data cd. First, select the files and folders for your CD/DVD layout. In the Explorer window, select which drive letter has the files and folders you want burned. Then use the SHIFT key with UP and/or DOWN arrow keys to the highlight your selections. Next, use the mouse to click on the highlighted selections in blue color and drag them to the right side of the layout dialog then release the mouse. Repeat this for as many selections as you would like to add to your layout, but be careful not to exceed the capacity of the target CD or DVD. There is a helpful colored horizontal line at the bottom of the program screen showing you how much data in megabytes you have in your selected layout. When you are finished creating the layout, click the “Burn Disk” button in the function row or you can access it under the “View” area in the menu bar. DeepBurner will do the rest!

DeepBurner is made by Astonsoft and it is one of the best options for burning CD/DVDs on newer as well as older Windows operating systems. It has done a good job of burning data for me and I would highly recommend it.


As you can see, I like to round up programs that can cater to mainstream things that most computer users typically deal with. Since I have used these utilities myself, I can attest to their reliability. And better yet...they are free!


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Posted 13 months ago
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