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No Audio Device? No Problem!
Posted 6 years ago on 3/23/2015 and updated 11/2/2020
Take Away:

This article describes how to restore the sound on a computer when the audio driver is correctly installed, but the sound is still not working.



I recently went on a computer repair appointment to restore the sound on a desktop PC. I just assumed this would be another routine situation. All I needed to do was download the correct device driver for the computer’s sound card and run its install shield program and then no more problem. However, it didn’t go that smoothly. The Sounds and Audio Devices icon in the Windows control panel was displaying No Audio Device. The sound driver in the Windows device manager showed it was installed correctly, yet its counterpart in the control panel said the sound card hardware was not found. I was beside myself – what to do?

The key to fixing this annoying problem was to go into the Administrative Tools icon in the control panel. I clicked Services in the list. Now I saw a long list of services and I scrolled to the one called Windows Audio. I double clicked that and its configuration screen displayed. The drop down box for the Startup type was set to Disabled. Next, I set this to Automatic. Then I clicked the Start button under Service status. I then went back into the control panel and into the Sounds and Audio Devices icon. Now the sound card hardware was being recognized. I next tested the different sounds under this icon and they worked fine.

Even though I am a computer guy, I had to research this on the internet to find the solution to my problem. Many people don’t understand the necessity of configuring hardware devices with correct driver software, much less the need to also adjust things through the Administrative Tools section. Personally, I think this should all be integrated into one area in the Windows control panel so people will be able to deal with issues more easily.

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Posted 12 months ago
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