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Spybot Search and Destroy Version 1.6.2 Helps Slow Running PCs
Posted 7 years ago on 8/5/2014 and updated 11/8/2020
Take Away:

This article describes a good, highly versatile spyware scanner I use to chase out pesky problems on ailing PCs.


I have used the Spybot Search and Destroy spyware and adware scanner in my computer repair business for years and it has done a good job of detecting and removing malware infections. I am currently using version 1.6.2 and it is very easy to install, update and immunize. When updating the program, you will see a list of download mirrors from a number of countries each denoted by its national flag. The updating process is both simple and fast. Just check off the features you want and click the download button at the bottom of the update screen. Spybot Search and Destroy’s “Teatimer” feature that loads with Windows is also a nice feature that adds extra protection to your PC. It can coexist with many virus scanners. And Spybot is free of charge, though you can make a financial donation if you like to its creator, Safer-Networking, Ltd.

Spybot has added many definitions over the years. A few years ago it had to scan through approximately 1.3 million spyware and adware definitions after being fully updated. Safer-Networking, Ltd apparently went through the definitions and removed the ones that were no longer a real concern. Now the scan runs through about 800,000 some spyware and adware definitions with full updates applied. The scan is slow at first, but after it gets past the first 200,000 to 300,000 definitions it tends to run faster, especially on Windows 7 and 8. It will display problems it detects in the color red as it builds the list of problems it discovers. It may list additional other problems it detects at the very end as the scan is winding down. After it is done, there will be a button that enables at the top of the screen called “Fix selected problems”. After clicking this button, a prompt will appear to verify you want to proceed with the operation. Just click “Yes” and give Spybot a few minutes. It will place big green colored check marks next to the malware it removes. This should be all or nearly all that are listed in red. In the event it doesn’t correct all the problems, a prompt will appear asking if you would like the Spybot Search and Destroy scan to commence the next time you start Windows. The idea is to scan out the problems that could not be fixed because they were active and running in the memory the first time the scan was run. This is a great feature that can eliminate additional problems that may otherwise not be caught.

Here is another feature of Spybot Search and Destroy I really like because it can make a big difference in a scenario where there are all kinds of crazy things going on in the normal start up mode of Windows. There have been some encounters in my "fix computer" and software design business where the msconfig screen, task manager, control panel, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer and other vital things won’t activate from a keyboard tap or mouse click because of significant spyware infections in the machine. The difficulty will become so bad that I am forced to restart the PC in Windows “Safe Mode With Networking”. This is an emergency start up mode enabled with internet access for web browsing, downloads and updates. The great thing about Spybot Search and Destroy is you can download it, install it, download the spyware definition updates,  immunize, and run the scan all in “Safe Mode With Networking”! This is critical, because even when there is a serious spyware infection, “Safe Mode With Networking” is typically a tame environment where you can commence with needed repair operations to fix all or most of a spyware outbreak in the computer.



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