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3 Major mistakes you can make with your website
Posted 8 years ago on 4/4/2014 and updated 12/24/2021
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website mistakes, website navigation, website layout, marketing strategies, website design

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Companies know they need to have an online presence in order to be successful these days, but they often go about the business half-heartedly. After all, some businesses just don’t do a lot of business online, why should they work very hard on their websites? The thing is, whether you intend for customers to find you that way or not, online is how most people get their information and your website may be their first interaction with your brand. If your website isn’t up to snuff, you’ll lose customers before you even have them. 1. Poor navigation or layout People need to be able to get around your website quickly and easily so they can get information, make a purchase, and move on without a lot of extra thought. If your navigation isn’t intuitive or your layout doesn’t work for handheld or other mobile devices, people aren’t going to put the effort into figuring out where they need to go. They’ll move on and not look back. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is key to succeeding with your online storefront. Hire out for help if you can’t do it yourself, the investment will be worth it. 2. Underestimating the effort needed Creating an effective website isn’t easy. contributor John Rampton explained, “There’s actually more work involved than simply taking an order and shipping a product. It’s a process that demands your full attention and will require a fair amount of trial and error, such as [determining] which techniques are working or not working in your attempt to drive traffic to your site.” 3. A lack of marketing strategy If you’re going to invest time and effort in a website, you won’t want it to sit idle while you wait for the odd customer to show up. Create a marketing strategy that will draw the right kind of potential customers to your site. Consider these questions as you create your marketing strategy: - What products or services are you selling? - Who are your target customers? - What problems will your products solve? Once you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing techniques and website layout to the people you hope will make a purchase. Marketing News brought to you by


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Posted 16 months ago

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All these mistakes that you highlighted in your blog are so common. Many developers didn‘t pay much attention to all these small details but they highly affect the ranking of any website. I‘m recently working on the website of Drive safe keychains Pakistan trying to write the fully optimized code with respect to SEO and marketing. Thanks for sharing these insightful details. 

Posted 5 months ago
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