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  From the June 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Windows Microsoft Outlook:
Outlook 2010/2013 View Email Source, HTML, and Header
Posted 13 years ago on 3/30/2011
Take Away:

To view the source code of an HTML email as text like you could in Outlook 2003, select Actions | Other Actions | View Source in the Move panel of the ribbon. Also available on the same menu is Message Header and View in Browser.


View Source, Message Header, View in Browser

Use features of the Move panel. Yes, the "Move" panel. I know, that doesn't make sense, but then again I'm not a fan of the whole super toolbar ribbon concept anyway. It hides items in unintuitive areas and groups features in strange combinations.

View Source of HTML eMail

To view the source code of an HTML email as text like you could in Outlook 2003, select Actions | Other Actions | View Source in the Move panel of the ribbon.

View Message Header

Select Actions | Other Actions | Message Header in the Move panel of the ribbon (see image above).

View in Browser

Select Actions | View in Browser in the Move panel of the ribbon (see image above).

View Email Headers

To view the raw email header code...

Select File | Info | Properties

The header is in the Internet Headers panel.


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Comment 1 of 4

The procedure you described does not show the actual email's source code, only the HTML portion of it. And for that matter, the "Message Header" option in the Toolbar doesn't really show the email's header, it just toggles the To and CC lines above the message. As you probably know, every email has an elaborate header containing various technical information, including the actual email address that was mailed to, routing info, etc., and an HTML email might be sent as a "two-part" email consisting of both a plain text version and an HTML-formatted version. Which version a recipient sees depends on the recipient's program and preferences.  In Outlook Express, I used to be able to access all of that with a few clicks, start to finish on one screen, just as it came from the server. (I could also easily tweak HTML code while composing a message, if I wanted to add, say an HTML character entity or a custom color, or fix a quoting format problem).  But apparently Microsoft, in its wisdom, has removed all of that in Outlook 10.  Outlook does also allow viewing an email's header (using a separate method), but apparently only if the email was downloaded by Outlook.  My messages imported from Outlook Express show no header at all. (Which is tragic, since I need to compare how some are being routed now vs. a mail server change a year ago.)

Is what you've described is all that remains.  Any solutions?  

Incidentally, I share your view of the ribbon, which is bulky and as confusing as any traditional drop-down menu set.  But it is possible to customize it and move some of the tools around.  Among other things, I replaced the Delete section with one of my own that doesn't have the Cleanup button in it.  Boy, did that button mess up my stuff!

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 2 of 4

Thank you - this worked for me.  It showed me all of the HTML code for the email. 

I had tried the registry code (SaveAllMIMENotJustHeaders) that other sites recommended and that did not work

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 3 of 4

Great job. It worked. Thank you.

Posted 12 years ago

Latest Comment
Comment 4 of 4

To view the header, select File | Info | Properties. (Added to article above too.)

Posted 12 years ago
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