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Which Development Tool would YOU use?
Posted 11 years ago on 6/28/2010
Take Away:

Maybe I'm cynical, but as a developer meeting with a prospective client to gather requirements, I always wait for that one "gotcha" that turns a simple, straightforward project into a potential daymare. 


So i was with this guy, furiously writing notes, and the app looks like a straight-on C#.NET desktop app that stores entered data on the local drive and then transmits it later to a server on the 'net.

Piece of cake.  No. easier than that.  A piece of a cupcake.

The Catch

"Of course this is going to work on Windows and Mac, right?"
--Bryan Valencia

Then my pen hits the notepad, and I rub my eyes and get ready to shake his hand and he says, "Of course this is going to work on Windows and Mac, right?"

I said "No.  Windows only.  You said 'a windows app' in your email, and your existing app is a DOS app, so why would I even go there in my head?"

"Oh, no.  It's got to work on a Mac, AND it can't use emulation mode either."

What's the solution?

Ok, Mighty Developers, tell me: what would YOU use for this?
--Bryan Valencia

Ok, Mighty Developers, tell me: what would YOU use for this?

Keep in mind that the desktop app must run WITHOUT internet connectivity, and we can't install a massive, expensive app like Paradox. 

Also, I do NOT want to buy a Mac and do parallel development.


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Hi Bryan,

Java. This assumes a Java application would be acceptable. For most clients in that situation, it is.

I know you've seen it and maybe it's not a complete solution, but take a look at Target Platforms from our business website.

Posted 11 years ago

Comment 2 of 2

Thanks for that - I am there.  I got a thing called Netbeans that uses the Java/Swing approach.  Is there a better IDE for this sort of thing?

Posted 11 years ago
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