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Extension Methods in C#
Posted 11 years ago on 5/11/2009 and updated 2/10/2020
Take Away:

Add new methods to predefined types and objects with extension methods (no need to recompile the base code).  To use this extension, all i have to do is include the  namespace ExtensionExample.

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With Extension methods you are able to add new methods to predefined types and objects without recompiling the base type or type.

As an example, I will extend the DateTime object and add two more methods to it:GetFirstOfMonth, and GetEndOfMonth.

The snippet below is a static class which extends two more methods of the DateTime class

namespace ExtensionExample
    public static class DateTimeExtensions 
        public static DateTime GetFirstOfMonth(this DateTime Value)
            return new DateTime(Value.Year,Value.Month,1);
        public static DateTime GetEndOfMonth(this DateTime Value)
            return new DateTime(Value.Year, Value.Month, DateTime.DaysInMonth(Value.Year, Value.Month));

to use this extension, all i have to do is include the  namespace ExtensionExample.

then when a DateTime variable is declared, it will have the two methods i just extended

            DateTime t = DateTime.Today;

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