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VB.Net Member Method (Sub, Function)
Posted 12/20/2008 on 12/20/2008 and updated 1/20/2009
VB.Net Code Snippet:


General Info: Member Method

Also known as a Class Method.

A code routine that belongs to the class or an object instance (an instance of the class). Methods that belong to the class are called class methods or static methods. Methods that belong to an object instance are called instance methods, or simply methods.

When a method returns a value, it is a function method. When no value is returned (or void), it is a procedure method.

Methods frequently use method parameters to transfer data. When one object instance calls another object instance using a method with parameters, you call that messaging.

VB.Net Member Method

VB.Net�uses the keywords sub and function. A sub does not return a value and a function does. Many programmers like to use the optional call keyword when calling a sub to indicate the call is to a procedure.

Syntax Example:

Class definition:

Public Class Cyborg
� Inherits Object
Public Sub IntroduceYourself()
��� MessageBox.Show("Hi, I do not have a name yet.")
� End Sub
End Class

Some event like a button click:

Dim T1 As New Cyborg
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