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  From the November 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Client PSDP Step 3-Build:
PSDP: Step 3 Building Step Overview
Posted 13 years ago on 3/9/2007 and updated 5/2/2007
Take Away: During the building step, we actually build and debug the software with the Initial Coding and Testing and Rework phases.


The Building step consists of the Initial Coding and Testing and Rework phases. During the Initial Coding phase we code and deliver Alpha deliverables to you so you can verify features. During the Testing and Rework phase, we perform as much testing and debugging as you want (you can save money by participating in this phase).

Initial Coding

This phase includes initial coding and programmer testing.

  • Work Product - can be delivered in various stages of completion during this phase. These builds are not fully implemented and are called alpha builds.

Usual Deliverables:

  • 1 or more Alpha Builds - Used to validate that part of the software meets the requirements.
  • Test Document - As we build the software, our certified testers can document the level of testing agreed upon. This can include documenting ALL normal and alternative use cases that will be tested by our QA department prior to user acceptance testing.
  • Alpha 1 - Build and demo a "section" of the application. This drilling down process is 100% complete for the area built. Once built, a pre-scripted demo occurs.

  • Alpha 2 - Drill down with next "section".

  • Alpha x - keep going until 100% implemented with pre-defined demo scripts. This final alpha is called a Final Alpha. If we're unsure about 100% functionality, then we call it a Final Alpha candidate.

Testing and ReworkDuring the testing and rework phase we perform the agreed upon level of testing which might be any of the following:
  • Developer ONLY Testing - in this case you are responsible for testing and reporting defects. We will fix them on a time and material basis.
  • Normal Use Case Testing - The developer(s) and/or the Prestwood QA team will test ONLY normal use cases and the agreed upon amount of regression testing. This is acceptable for functional applications only.
  • Full Use Case Testing - The developer(s) and/or the Prestwood QA team will test ALL documented use cases and the agreed upon amount of regression testing.
  • Robust Testing - Same as Full Use Case Testing but we also perform various stress tests.

About Betas

  • Beta 1 - After we do "some" system integration, regression testing, and maybe some stress testing, we release beta 1 to the user participants.

  • Beta 2 - Gather, prioritize, and fix all high and medium priority defects. To fix a low priority defect, just promote it's priority to medium.

  • Beta x - keep going until 100% of high and medium priority defects are fixed. Never fix low priority defects. This final beta is called a Final Beta. If we're unsure about 100% of defects, then we call it a Final Beta candidate.

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