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Deploying Delphi for .NET ASP.NET pages
Posted 5/9/2006 on 5/9/2006 and updated 1/20/2009
Take Away:

Tips on deploying ASP.NET pages written with Delphi for .NET 2006


While building ASP.NET pages for a local IIS server, you may find everything to run smoothly, but then you may try to deploy to a virtualized server, and run into trouble.

Two tips:
Make sure the directory you want to deploy to is registered with IIS. The IIS console allows you to do this directly, or your service provider may be able to help in some other way.

When you deploy, you deploy files of the following form:
to the registered directory, you place:
Web.config (you may need to remove tags that are not supported by your web service provider)

under the registered directory, you'll have a bin/ subdirectory. In that directory go your various project file .DLLs, and (this is the important tip), it is likely you will need Borland.Delphi.dll and Borland.Delphi.xml

This will be true unless your web service provider places Borland.Delphi.dll in the GAC on the server for you.

To get these files to deploy into your project directory locally, do the following:

1) With your ASP.NET project loaded in Delphi 2006, right-click on the References Node, and Click Add Reference...

2) Select Borland.Delphi in the list, and click [Add Reference], click [OK]
3) Expand the References node, right-click on Borland.Delphi.dll, and click Copy Local.
4) Delphi will likely issue a warning, click Yes if it does (it's warning you that, locally, the file already exists in the GAC -- but by setting it to Copy Local, you'll have an easy-to-find reminder to copy it to the bin/ directory on the server as well as on your development machine)


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Olá, Joshua, Você poderia me enviar algum prohjeto em Delgphi 2006 (.Net). Estou tentando inciar alguma aplicação com uso de servidor (Oracle, SQL Server, My Sql) e não encontreina nada que pudesse me ajudar. Agradeço muito.
Posted 6/5/2006

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(I had to use a local translator here at Prestwood to read this -- yes, we can be multi-lingual too!) Valdeci basically said: "Hello Joshua, would you be able to send me some project in Delphi 2006 (.NET)? I've been trying to create an application using a (database) server (Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL) and I haven't found anything that can help me. Thank you." I would recommend to Valdeci (and others) that you reference the very useful set of online tutorials that I first used (and built up my ongoing questions from) at: It's called "A Beginner's Guide to ASP.NET Programming for Delphi developers", by Zarko Gajic It's very clear and straightforward, and encourages some experimentation if you're at all the curious type (my series of Knowledgebase articles here are based on my tangents-explored while following his tutorial as a "skeleton").
Posted 6/5/2006

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