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Paradox Tool Basics:
Is Paradox a good Internet solution?
Posted 18 years ago on 3/31/2003 and updated 4/13/2018
Take Away: My thoughts on whether Paradox for Windows is a good solution for building web-based Internet solutions.
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[Updated 3/2/2008] 

I'm frequently asked the following question: 

Q. My favorite desktop database is Paradox. We want to develop a database with a web-based front end (an Internet solution to paradox tables). I've never used Paradox with the Internet so I am not sure whether it's a good choice, though I hope it is able to cope with this task.

Is Paradox a good choice for this task? Is it the best choice?

Also, can your company help us in this matter and how much would it cost and how fast can the work be completed?

A. First the bottom line. Although Paradox is a great desktop database (one of the best ever made), I strongly believe in using the right tool for the right job and Paradox is NOT the right tool to surface your data on the internet in most situations. Our preferred solution for surfacing Paradox data (and other data) is still ASP or ASP.Net. We use ADO with the Paradox ODBC driver that shipped with Paradox 9 to connect to the Paradox tables. You can still surface a Paradox-based Windows application on your desktops if desired.

Do-It Yourself!

Although our believe is that Paradox isn't the right tool for all situations, Paradox does have decent web functionality. Of Paradox's several solutions, we recommend using the ActiveX web server control. With this control, you can turn Paradox into a web server that responds to HTTP requests. You can then use the power of Paradox (including ObjectPAL) to create web pages. We've used this approach very effectively. We've even used paradox tables to store our own self created web page templates (HTML) and have ObectPAL use them to return pages with data.

Professional Development Services

If you want Prestwood Software to surface your data on the web, contact us to discuss your needs. As for how long it will take, I'd have to see the requirements. We can do simple database ASP stuff (or even Paradox stuff) in as little as a week or two. More complex stuff will take longer. The cost is as low as US $3,000 per week.

More Info

Article:  Paradox and the Internet

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First Comment
Comment 1 of 6
I'm a amateur Paradox user and when I understood how to use the web features of Paradox 8 from the CD-Rom example, I decided to use this instead going on MySQL/PHP4 - Linux based avoïding to loose time on learning all that stuff and on debugging on unknown situations. Later I will replace my linux based by Paradox based web site. I'm happy to read this article.
Posted 18 years ago

Comment 2 of 6

Using the ActiveX control is fun, especially if all you know is ObjectPAL. We had a lot of fun building a complete web-based knowledge base in Paradox back in 1999 and 2000. Through the years we've also used it here and there for use with our clients but ONLY when they have full hosting capabilities internally and are willing to maintain all that themselves.

Posted 14 years ago

Comment 3 of 6

Today I posted a new article to the Paradox group titled "Paradox and the Internet". This article gives a pretty good overview of the Paradox internet features. The content is from my Paradox 9 Power Programming book. See link below.

Posted 14 years ago

Comment 4 of 6

>Hello Mike,
>As a retired engineer that started out with a slide rule I am frequently amazed at just how elegant >solft ware can be. You are like the worlds expert on Paradox and since I haven't been able to find >the answer on my own for the past ten years now, I figure it is time to ask somebody.

>Every once in a while when I set a look up a lookup table I get:
>File name is too long for a Paradox version 5.0 table.
>This doesn't make sense since I've been using 9 for a long time. WHAT DO YOU THINK i'M >MISSING!

>FYI I found a typo (grammatical) error in Paraox'. EG Message says There isn't enough columns to >make the copy. Should say "aren't"!

>One other nagging question that you might know to answer to. What the hell is the Paradox ICON >supposed to represent. It looks like a laundry basket to me, but that doesn't seem all that probable!


>Joe Restle
>3993 Loftyview Pl.
>Erlanger, KY 41018
>859 283 2925

Posted 13 years ago

Comment 5 of 6

>File name is too long for a Paradox version 5.0 table.

16-bit versions of Paradox, DOS or WIN, are limited to the old 8.3 naming convention.. no long file names are allowed in file or folder names..

Posted 13 years ago

Latest Comment
Comment 6 of 6

>>...What the hell is the Paradox ICON supposed to represent. It looks like a laundry basket to me...

I'm not sure which Paradox icon you are referring too, but I think you're referring to a database icon (for example with Paradox 11). Databases in documentation tools frequently use a generic cylinder looking icon to represent a database.

>>...I found a typo (grammatical) error in Paradox'. EG Message says There isn't enough columns to make the copy. Should say "aren't"!

As Steven alluded to in another post, I wish there was someone left at Corel to address the big issues and also take care of the little issues like a typo in a Paradox error dialog.

Posted 13 years ago
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