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Wes Peterson
1. Outlook 2003 Contact List Troubles? When editing an email meessage, and clicking on the buttons, "To," "CC," or "BCC," Outlook may display a message about not being able to display the contacts. Unfortunately, the organization of Outlook's menus makes it far from obvious where to go to address the problem. Here's the solution.
13 years ago, and updated 12 years ago

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brian p kim
Hello,, , I'm here because Paradox 9 Power Programming inspired me to look at something I did in '97., , Thank you Mike Prestwood. Like the book. The content and organization appeal to me., , At work, I write Crystal Reports on MS SQL 7 based property management systems developed with Powerbuilder. And take care of two point-of-sale systems on SCO boxes. And time-clock systems on SQLAnywhere on Netware 4.1., , At home I'm making my acqaintance with electronic documents. Trying to figure out an easier way to move content between my Win CE with HPC Office Pro, WordPerfect Suite 9 and MS Office 97., , Will attack PDFs and text documents with hypertext on the CE first., , If anyone's interested, I have a working process by which I move Pocket Outlook Contacts (Win CE) to Outlook 98 on my PC, then to a Paradox v.7 *.db., , I'll try to contribute something., , Thanks,, Brian P Kim
13 years ago
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brian p kim
{Too Long!}
13 years ago
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