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7 American I.T. Workforce FAQs

Group: American I.T. Workforce

Topic: American I.T. workforce

-Collapse +Expand Q1. I have a a 2 year associates degree and 1 year of work experience as a Programmer. Do I qualify for the H-1B visa?

No. You must have at least a U.S. Bachelor (4-year) Degree or it's equivalent.

3 years of work experience is equivalent to 1 year of University. So, if you have 6 years of work experience and 2 years of college, you could qualify. The Degree and work experience must be directly relevant to your job title.

-Collapse +Expand Q2. How does the H-1B visa quota criteria work?

Each October 1st, the USCIS makes available a certain number of H-1B visas for the next 12 months.

The Quota for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 (October 1st, 2006 to September 30th, 2007) is 65,000. There is also a quota of 20,000 for US Master Degree Holders, effectively making the quota 85,000.

The earliest you can apply for the H-1B Visa is 6 months before the requested start date. You may file on or after 4/1/06 for a 10/1/06 start date.

H-1B visa holders are not subject to the quota when applying for a transfer to another company or an extension with the same company.

-Collapse +Expand Q3. Can an H-1B Visa holder come to the United States with the intention of staying permanently?

No. Under U.S. law, a non-immigrant is a visitor traveling to the U.S. that does NOT intend to stay permanently. To stay permanently, the visitor must obtain an Immigrant Visa (IV). An H-1B Visa is a type of NON-Immigrant visa (NIV).

-Collapse +Expand Q4. I would like to work in the U.S. Can I apply for the H-1B visa by myself, without an employer?
Answer: No. You must have a legitimate job offer from a U.S. company or organization.

Topic: American-Based Companies

-Collapse +Expand Q5. Which anti-adware/anti-malware products are made by American-based companies?

There are several free and paid American-based products. I tend to recommend the free Spyware Blaster for home users and Webroot's SpySweeper for businesses.

To be clear, the two leading free anti-adware products SpyBot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware are not American-based. However, unlike anti-virus software, you can run multiple anti-adware products at the same time and benefit from their combined protection. For home users, I like to make sure they have enough RAM and install both the American-based Spyware Blaster and the Swedish-based SpyBot Search & Destroy. That's a powerful combination. For our business clients I tend to stir them toward Webroot's Spysweeper.

Topic: Foreign Worker Visas: H-1B, L-1

-Collapse +Expand Q6. Do employers have to pay to hire an H-1B worker?

Yes, they have to pay about $2,000 and they frequently ask the worker to pay the fee.

-Collapse +Expand Q7. Do H-1B workers have to have a specialized skill?

No, they only have to have a BS degree in math, science, or engineering. There is no such thing as a skills test, nor standard, nor GPA requirement. An H-1B worker can have a D average from the worst college in the world. For service: 916-726-5675
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