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Prism FAQ Page

These FAQs are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the Prism sub-topics.

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5 Delphi Prism FAQs

Group: Delphi Prism

Topic: Delphi Prism

-Collapse +Expand Q1. What is the difference between a partial method and an abstract method?

Both are very similar in usage. However, a partial method is a callable empty method whereas an abstract method is a defined method in a parent class that must be implemented in a child class. Contrast this with a partial method which can be implemented in a child class but does not have to be. Partial methods are common with code generators for managing events.

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #101849, KB Topic: Delphi Prism

Topic: Tool Basics

-Collapse +Expand Q2. Does Delphi Prism look and feel like Visual Studio or Delphi? In other words, is Delphi Prism VS.Net or Delphi?

Delphi Prism is Visual Studio.Net. If you have Visual Studio.Net installed, the Delphi Prism installation plugs into your existing VS.Net installation. If you don't own VS.Net, the installation installs the Visual Studio Shell before plugging in Delphi Prism.

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #101641, KB Topic: Tool Basics
-Collapse +Expand Q3. How close is the syntax for Delphi for Win32 and Delphi Prism?

Pretty close. You will definately be comfortable but there are differences. Delphi Prism includes a "compatibility" switch you can use that will enable certain "Delphi for Win32" language features so you can increase your comfort level. This option can be set on a per-project basis as part of the project options tab.

Although I'm just getting started, I will be documenting differences in my Delphi and Prism Cross Reference Guide. This guide will help when you switch from one language to the other.

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #101643, KB Topic: Tool Basics
-Collapse +Expand Q4. Can I share code between a Delphi and a Dephi Prism project? I want to have a single source Win32 and .Net application.

No, not really. Because both are Object Pascal based, you could share routines but there are enough syntax differences that make sharing large amounts of code difficult.

Use Oxidizer to help port your Win32 Delphi application to a .Net Prism application.

You can also try out ShineOn which is an implementation of the Delphi for Win32 RTL.

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #101928, KB Topic: Tool Basics
-Collapse +Expand Q5. I'm a big fan of VCL.Net. Is VCL.Net a part of Delphi Prism?

No. For existing VCL.Net based applications I recommend you stick with Delphi 2007 until it's time to convert it to Delphi Prism.

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #101642, KB Topic: Tool Basics
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