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These FAQs are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the Prestwood IT sub-topics.

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2 Prestwood IT Solutions FAQs

Group: Prestwood IT Solutions

Topic: psSendMail DLL

-Collapse +Expand Q1. Connect is one of the psSendMail API calls. Unfortunately, Connect is also a reserved word in PowerBuilder. How can I use psSendMail with PowerBuilder?

Connect is, indeed, one of the calls in psSendMail v1. If Connect is also a reserved word in your development platform, this is a problem.

Version 2.0 of psSendMail introduces a new API, and we recommend that all psSendMail users migrate their code to use the new calls in the v2 API. Connect is not used in the new, v2 API.

Note: Connect, and the other v1 calls are retained in v2 for backward compatibility only.

Posted By Wes Peterson, Post #100703, KB Topic: psSendMail DLL
-Collapse +Expand Q2. v2 of psSendMail now allows sending HTML message bodies. Can I include embedded images?

No, not yet.

This is one of the few limitations of psSendMail v2's HTML support, and you can easily get around it by including an image hyperlink - to an image accessible on the web - within your message's HTML body.

Why are embedded images not yet supported?

Many psSendMail v1 users urgently needed two other importart features: authentication, and a little help getting their emails past the "spam police." We focused our efforts on those features first, then added HTML support, and shipped v2 as quickly as possible.

Embedded images are planned for a future iteration of psSendMail.

Posted By Wes Peterson, Post #100777, KB Topic: psSendMail DLL
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