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PrestwoodBoards Tips Page

These Tips are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the PrestwoodBoards sub-topics.

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2 PrestwoodBoards Tips

Group: PrestwoodBoards

Topic: PrestwoodBoards

1. Rich Editor: Spell checking

Spell checking is available in our rich editor for IE and Gecko based browsers such as Firefox and Safari. We use our rich editor in many areas of our community such as message boards, knowledge base, job postings, resumes, etc. For IE, there is an icon on the editor's toolbar. For Gecko based browsers such as Firefox and Safari, browser enabled spell checking is active. Spell checking is not available for Google Chrome. Currently Chrome's spell checking is not compatible with IFrames so you have spell checking OUTSIDE our editor.

2. Website Menu Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use the Control key, arrow keys, and enter key to use our website main menu.

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