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PrestwoodBoards Definitions Page

These Definitions are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the PrestwoodBoards sub-topics.

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6 PrestwoodBoards Definitions

Group: PrestwoodBoards

Topic: Message Board Help

#1. MB Post or Post (message board) - A piece of information you wish to share with the rest of the community. A new post can be the start of a new thread (the thread starter), or it can be a reply to an existing thread that someone else created. You have the chance to edit and/or delete your message within a certain period of time, if you make a mistake.
#2. Moderator (message board) - This is the name for the person or people who run a specific topic, responsible for keeping the conversation (thread) on-topic, offering assistance to new members, and sparking conversation. The moderator can also post special rules for his/her topic or make announcements.
#3. Thread (message board) - A conversation on a subject with 1 or more posts. The first post is called the starter post. Each additional post is called a reply. Its polite to make sure your new thread is appropriate for the topic's subject area. If not, our policy is to politely move the thread to the correct topic without drawing attention to the fact that it fit better in another topic.
#4. Topic (message board) - An area created by the board administrator in which members can start conversations on various subjects (threads). Each community group has one and only one message board. Each group board contains one or more topics. You start new threads (subjects) in the appropriate topic.

Topic: PrestwoodBoards

#5. Category (online community) - A number of groups and topics that have been associated and given a name. Categories are the organizers of the Prestwood community's top-level structure. Currently our categories are IT-Water Cooler, Tech Talk, Windows Coding, and Website Coding.
#6. Private Message (online community) - You can send and receive messages that do not appear on our website except to you and the receiving party. A private message is accessible strictly to the person sending and the person receiving it.
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