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Topic: Message Board Help

How to become a moderator and moderator's guide.

An article about marketing news.

How to create a custom avatar for use with

Guide to using our message boards

Our Prestwood Community rank titles are based on Star Trek's Starfleet Officer Ranks. I know, I know, it's a bit geeky, but what the heck. You rise up in the ranks by earning Prestwood points with our Member Points Program. You earn points by participating in our online community: visit, post, etc. You can spend your points in our online store.

Cadet 1st Year=O-0,  Lieutenant=O-3, Commodore=F-1, more...

The easiest way to earn points is to visit daily and post to our Prestwood Message Boards.

Topic: PrestwoodBoards

Displaying code snippets in the knowledge base and message boards can be a bit tricky. You cannot use "&_lt;", "&_gt;", "&_amp;lt;", nor "&_amp;gt;" (minus underscores).

Member points information.

A message board is for Q&A, blogs are personal, and WIKI's are controlled.

From any group, you can display a random tidbit, article, cross reference example, or message board thread. This is a fun and convenient way to browse content quickly to find interesting gems. To use this new feature, visit your favorite group and click on one of the random links in the left column menu.

The Prestwood Online Community rules and disclaimers. Essentially, our policies all center around be-friendly, don't flame, encourage more discussion, and limit advertising to approved areas.

Good behavior while participating in online communities, blogs, newsgroups, message boards, etc. Although this article is specific to our website, it's intention is general in nature.

Go to for the small screen version of PPC with small screen features such as a random tidbit browser for studying on the go! All pages are specially designed to look as good as possible on your tiny-screen phone, iPhone, Blackberry, PocketPC, or Palm. To get started, browse to with your PDA-ish device.

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