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DBA Resource Links

These Resource Links are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the DBA sub-topics.

Note: A resource link is a recommended website, area of a website, or a specific page. In general, these links lead to information. Post links to products, a product page, download file, or a download library of files to our File Library (do not post here).

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8 DBA, Databases, & Data Resource Links

Group: DBA, Databases, & Data

Topic: DBA & Data

Assignment help -

We have a team of experienced and professional subject experts who are passionate about making our customers happy. Our mission is to provide high-quality and error-free work to satisfy your requirements. We provide sample papers to students for educational purpose only. Get the best Assignment Help in Australia 24*7. -

Like our community, they cover many databases and languages. The focus of this website is on databases - both desktop and server.

Topic: Desktop Databases

Icon plug-in for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro -

When we create applications, we usually need one or more icons. We'll definitely want a main program icon - in several sizes. We may also want another icon for our setup program.

Sometimes our client supplies icon files, but often they do not.

There are some great tools available for creating and managing Icons. One of my favorites, IconLover, is available at the site this link is about.

But most out-of-the-box, general purpose graphics editors lack support for the Windows .ICO file format. The solution is at this link, and it's free: It's a plug-in for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro (even some version of Photoshop Elements).

At the bottom of this link's page, you'll find an entry for "Icon Plug-In for PhotoShop." Simply download the zip file, unzip, and follow the instructions in the ReadMe.txt file.

Your favorite, general purpose graphics editor will now be able to deal with ICO files!

Microsoft Certifications -

This page is a reference of the various Microsoft Certifications available to developers.

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications enable professionals to target specific technologies and to distinguish themselves by demonstrating in-depth knowledge and expertise in the various Microsoft technologies with which they work.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer - The Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) credentials distinguish you as an expert Windows Application Developer, Web Application Developer, or Enterprise Applications Developer.  These credentials demonstrate that you can build rich applications that target a variety of platforms using .NET Framework 2.0.
  • Microsoft Certified Architect Program - Microsoft Certified Architect Program targets practicing solutions architects and infrastructure architects who successfully apply frameworks and methodologies to create an architecture through the entire IT lifecycle.
  • Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant - The Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant (MCLC) credential recognizes MCTs whose job roles have grown to include frequent consultative engagements with customers. These MCTs are experts in designing and delivering customized learning solutions.
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrators - Microsoft Certified Database Administrators (MCDBA) design, implement, and administer Microsoft SQL Server Databases.
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer - Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) are qualified instructors certified by Microsoft to deliver Microsoft training coursesto IT professionals and developers.
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developers - Microsoft Certified Application Developers (MCAD) use Microsoft technologies to develop and maintain department-level applications, components, Web or desktop clients, or back-end data services.
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developers - Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSD) design and develop leading-edge business solutions with Microsoft development tools, technologies, platforms, and the Windows architecture.

Windows Virtualization -
List of resources provided by Microsoft about Windows Virtualization which was introduced with Vista.

Topic: Education (Audio/Video)

Video: MySQL On Demand Web Seminars -

Lots here! {#biggrin} MySQL has made available on-demand web seminars. They are recorded replays of our their live more popular web seminars and cover a wide range of topics. You will have to register but well worth it if you use MySQL.

Topic: Interbase

The Database Group -

Maintained by Bill Todd. The Database Group specialized in Delphi & Interbase. In the past, Bill Todd was a Paradox guru and has authored many articles on Paradox, Delphi, and Interbase and co-authored several books. He was a consistent presenter at the various BorCons and a frequent contributer to the Paradox Informant and Delphi Informant.

Although Bill speciales in several areas, I posted this link to the Interbase topic because my belief is that Bill specializes in Interbase a bit more than the other areas.

Topic: Interbase Education (Audio/Video)

Video & Audio: CDN Interbase TV -

Lots here! {#coffee} Interbase TV is part of CodeGear's developer network. Contains both audios and videos.

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