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DBA Code Snippets Page

These Code Snippets are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the DBA sub-topics.

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4 DBA, Databases, & Data Code Snippets

Group: DBA, Databases, & Data

Topic: ANSI SQL Scripting

-Collapse +Expand 1. Not In SQL Select Query

The following selects all the records in Table1 where IDField is not in Table2.

SELECT Table1.*
FROM Table1
LEFT JOIN Table2 ON Table1.IDField = Table2.IDField
WHERE Table2.IDField is null
Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #101797, KB Topic: ANSI SQL Scripting

Topic: Microsoft SQL Server

-Collapse +Expand 2. Easy SQL Server Backup Script

Learn how to make an easy SQL Server Script that will automatically back up all your databases in a simple way.

-- Back Up All Databases
-- by Bryan Valencia

--create temp table
declare @temp table(commands varchar(500), completed bit)

--load it with backup commands
insert into @temp (commands, completed)
    'BACKUP DATABASE ['+name+
    '] TO  DISK = N''J:\Backups\'+name+
    '.bak'' WITH  COPY_ONLY, NOFORMAT, NOINIT,  NAME = N'''+name+
    '-Full Database Backup'', SKIP, NOREWIND, NOUNLOAD,  STATS = 10',
    owner_sid <> 0x01 and state_desc='ONLINE'

--variable for the current command
declare @thisCommand varchar(500);

--loop through the table
while (select count(1) from @temp where completed=0)>0
    --find the first row that has not already been executed
    select top 1 @thisCommand = commands from @temp where completed=0

    --show the command in the "mesage" output window.
    print @thisCommand

    --execute the command
    EXEC (@thisCommand);

    --flag this row as completed.
    update @temp set completed=1 where commands=@thisCommand

--show the user the rows that have been found.
select * from @temp

Posted By Bryan Valencia, Post #102439, KB Topic: Microsoft SQL Server
-Collapse +Expand 3. Move Table to Another Schema

In MS-SQL, to move an object such as a table or view from one schema to another, use alter schema.

alter schema [ToSchema] transfer FromSchema.[Object] 


For example, the following moves the Orders table from the user1 schema t the dbo schema.

alter schema [dbo] transfer user1.[Orders] 
Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #102065, KB Topic: Microsoft SQL Server

Topic: MS SQL 2005

-Collapse +Expand 4. MSSQL Update Trigger Example

This tutorial shows how you would create a trigger in Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 that will date/timestamp a column named last_updated everytime any data in the row is updated.

This example assumes a primary key that includes 3 fields.

ON dbo.MyTable
FOR update
SET last_updated = GetDate()
From MyTable Inner Join Inserted On
MyTable.KeyField1 = Inserted.KeyField1
and MyTable.KeyField2 = Inserted.KeyField2
and MyTable.KeyField3 = Inserted.KeyField3
Posted By Bryan Valencia, Post #100987, KB Topic: MS SQL 2005
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