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Paradox Definitions Page

These Definitions are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the Paradox sub-topics.

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6 Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding Definitions

Group: Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding

Topic: Paradox Tables

#1. Paradox Net Dir -

The directory location of the Paradox network control file PDOXUSRS.NET. The active NET DIR parameter is stored in the Paradox section of the BDE configuration file and has precedence over any other NET DIR parameters that may be stored in older 16-bit configuration files, or in the System Init section of the current configuration file, or in the Registry. These other NET DIR entries will have no effect. To access a Paradox table on a network drive, the active NET DIR parameter in the Paradox section of the BDE configuration file must point to a network drive and folder in common to all users.

Topic: OPAL: Language Basics

#2. Camel Casing - Camel Casing capitalizes the first character of each word except the first word, so it frequently looks like a one or two hump camel. Used by many languages including Paradox's ObjectPAL. You can contrast Camel Casing with Pascal Casing which capitalizes the first character of each word (including acronyms over two letters in length) and was popularized by Pascal.
#3. ObjectPAL - ObjectPAL stands for Object Paradox Application Language.

Topic: Interactive Paradox: Getting Going

#4. Data Model - A data model is a diagram of the tables used in a form or report. It identifies the tables, defines the relationships between them (links), and has features including the ability to filter each table and mark any table as read-only. You can save a data model (.dm) and reuse it with another form or report.

Topic: Interactive Paradox: Using Data

#5. Paradox Database - A Paradox Database is a set of related Paradox tables (usually in the same directory).
#6. Project Alias - A project alias, like public aliases, point to a folder. Project aliases are stored in the PDOXWORK.CFG file, which is loaded whenever you change working directories.
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