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  From the November 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Paradox OPAL: Language Basics:
ObjectPAL Empty String Check (isBlank() or not isAssigned())
Posted 11 years ago on 9/18/2009 and updated 2/12/2010
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Languages Focus: Empty String Check

An empty string is a zero length string, a string that is equal to null (""), or not assigned. In some languages, you can check if a string is empty by comparing it to an empty string (""). Some languages distinguish between nil and null ("") so checking if the length is 0 is easier.

ObjectPAL Empty String Check

In ObjectPAL, an empty variable can be unassigned (essentially null) or blank (equivalent to ""). You have to use both isBlank and isAssigned to check for an empty string.

Syntax Example:
 s String
;s = ""  ;Uncomment to test 2nd case.
if isBlank(s) or not isAssigned(s) Then
 msgInfo("", "empty string")

Testing Out isBlank and isAssigned Code

Add the following code to a pushButton event of a button to test out isBlank and isAssigned.

 s String
;Neither s="" not size(s)=0 work with unassigned!!!
;if s = "" Then
;if size(s) = 0 then

;Try not assigning at all and then
;uncomment the following line of code.
s = ""
if isBlank(s) then
 msgInfo("", "blank")
;unAssign(s) ;Uncomment to test following.
if not isAssigned(s) then
 msgInfo("", "not assigned")

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