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Prestwood Brochures (new computer support)
Posted 5/11/2009 on 5/11/2009 and updated 3/18/2011
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New computer support brochure!!! Printable versions of our brochures and flyers in PDF format.


2/28/2010: New Computer Support brochure:

(Changed from Tech Services to Cmputer Support.)

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Older brochures (will update soon):

Software Development flyer

Website Business Packages and eStore Solution Bundle

Two page flyer.

Website Services

Listing of the 8 website services we offer.

11"x17" version of above flyer:


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New Computer Support brochure - I like it. Lots of information in an easy-to-use layout.

Posted 3/1/2010

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Looks good! Just a few nit-picky questions:

In the Local on-site and remote services section, it says:  "Backups - Offsite Online Backup service." Should the words Online and Backup be capitalized?

Offsite and Onsite are spelled both with a hyphen and without one. Inconsistency when saying "1 hour", "2-hour", "30-minute" with whether hyphens are used or not.

In green box at top, should it say "For small- to medium- sized businesses,"?

In Pay-As-YouGo Pricing, in Regular Off-site: $99 section, the word "Under" should not be capitalized.

Maybe a little confusing to put Prepaid price under Pay-As-You-Go section? If it's prepaid, then it's not Pay-As-You-Go?

Posted 3/2/2010

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Great catches Julia. I'll fix those in the soft copies.


Posted 6/1/2010
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