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Prestwood 7525 Office Online Tour
Posted 5/4/2009 on 5/4/2009 and updated 6/25/2009
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Historical view of our old office located at 7525 Auburn Blvd, Ste 8.


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I'm a sentimental person and I occassionally like to look back. The following is a picture tour of our 7525 Auburn Blvd, Ste 8 office.

Most of these pictures were taken March 29, 2009 (2 months before we left). I also included images from throughout the last 9.5 years.

I think this was taken about 2003, 4, or 5:

Front area...

Occupants: Joy Ault, Nicole Prestwood

Front conference room...

Test area...

My drum books...


Carol Oberhaus, Gary Mulcahy


Mike Delaney, Char Berta


Mike Cottle, Steve Caple


Dan Fought, Fred Stevens


Robert Budd, Elaine Milat, Sally Saunders


Wes Peterson


Larry Rutledge, Kim Berry, Nancee Toft.


Carol Oberhaus, Lisa Prestwood

Although this picture says Sally Saunders, Sally never sat here. Here cube label was moved here.


Gary Mulcahy, Andrew Kern, Vicki Nelson, Adam Lum, and last was Stephen Berry.

Back Corner cubicle

Occupants: Scott Wehrly, Joshua Delahunty

Hardware bench / Test lab...

Occupants: Vicki Nelson (we had so many working when she started we had to put her in the test lab)

Bathroom and backdoor exit...

Server rack...

Break room...

Conference room then Brian's office...

Mike's Office...


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Cool  Wow, those pictures brought back a lot of memories....  7525 Auburn served us well over the years....  you'll be taking the fishing wallpaper border to the new place , right? :) 

Posted 5/4/2009

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Mike, I wish you well.  I enjoyed the photos.  As an FYI, I pulled out some book on drumming that you wrote, and gracioulsy gave me a copy of.  ( I pulled them out for my wife, who is flirting with drumming.).


Posted 5/4/2009

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Hi Joy, sure, we'll take the wallpaper with us. We'll find a spot for it some place along with the golfing pictures. The neat thing about the new office is that there are so many rooms to decorate.

Posted 5/4/2009

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Hi Thad: Thanks. Once we move in you have to come down and see the new place. Probably the first week of June.

I wish your wife well with drumming. It's a great stress reliever and lots of fun.

Posted 5/4/2009

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Thanks for the pics. 
Let me know when/if you will be holding an open house and I'll try to arrange my work schedule so I can stop by.

Sally Jenkins (Saunders)

Posted 5/7/2009

Comment 6 of 11

Thanks Sally. I definately will but I'm hoping you'll stop by every month or so just to catch up.

Posted 5/7/2009

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I know I float in and out as an ancient moderator, but it's fascinating to see where it all happened when Paradox was still a viable program Wink

It's not as I had invisaged at all Surprised and the new place is..?

Posted 5/27/2009

Comment 8 of 11

...and the new place is awesome! I'll post a few pictures once we completely settle in.

By the way, what did you picture? Towering buildings with marble floors! :)

Posted 5/31/2009

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