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Paradox Installation, Setup, & BDE:
Could Not Initialize BDE
Posted 4/14/2009 on 4/14/2009 and updated 3/29/2010
Take Away:

Procedure for fixing the Could Not Initialize BDE" error.


How do you fix the "Could Not Initialize BDE" error?

Here are the steps I usually take:

  1. Have all users exit Paradox.
  2. Upon exit, the BDE deletes any *.lck files in use. Delete any stray BDE *.lck files in the working, private, and NetDir folders. Usually I just search the entire local drive and delete them all. The BDE will recreate these files as needed.
  3. Delete the net files in the NetDir ( and sometimes The BDE will also recreate these files as needed.
  4. Retest. Continue if problem still persists.
  5. The BDE configuration file could be corrupt, try replacing it with a fresh copy.
  6. Retest. Continue if problem still persists.
  7. The BDE may be corrupt, try reinstalling the BDE (you can get a copy from
  8. Retest. Continue if problem still persists.
  9. Rebuild all of your Paradox tables.
  10. Retest. Continue if problem still persists.
  11. Reinstall your application (Paradox, the Delphi EXE, etc.).
  12. Retest.


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I had a situation where I could not delete the p*.lck file on my external hard drive that i use to simulate a network environment.  Resetting the drive (turn off, then on) got rid of the lock.

Posted 6/4/2009

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Hi Mike et al,

I've got a "Could Not Initialize BDE" prob too.

I added a "new value" method that includes a While loop to a form. Running the form caused Pdox to hang. Clearly I blundered and it is looping indefinitely. Had to terminate the session.

Now, on trying to start Pdox up I'm getting the "Could not initialize BDE" message. I've followed the above instructions 1 thru 4 and cleared the file that it leaves in place (there isn't a file or .lck ones). No joy: It shows the egg time for a moment, then nothing. I think its possible that pdox is trying to open the prob form on Start Up.

So, can you explain your items 5 and 7 above please? HOW do I go about replacing the BDE Configuration file??? And - if that doesn't fix it - where on the site I can find theBDE file? And where do I install that?

Help gratefully received!

Oh, I'm using Paradox 9 on Windows 7. Single user, local drive.

Many thanks, Chris.

Posted 7/6/2011

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Further to my comments of last night (above).

Problem solved! After deleting the net files (for the Nth time) I tried launching Pdox by double clicking a table that I know to be a small one in another of my applications - and it went in without a problem. This seems to have avoided Pdox trying to open the offending form on startup.

Having taken out the While code from that form I've now unchecked the Restore Desktop on Startup option in Preferences.

One final question though: As I mentioned, I'm still using Pdox 9. Is there a way to buy Pdox 11 without getting all of Wordperfect?

Best wishes, Chris.

Posted 7/7/2011

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Hi Chris,

I'm glad it's all fixed. I didn't realize it was a bad form. You can start Paradox with the -C startup command option to start with a clear desktop. Here is a list of all the startup commands:

Corel does not sell Paradox 11 without the full suite, at least as far as I know. A few years ago, I did buy ONLY Paradox 11 from a source in Australia. Corel was selling it there by itself. Not sure if they still are.

Posted 7/7/2011

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I have Uninstall my Borland Delphi 7 because not compatible with my new windows (10) and then I try to open this program (translator) and then showing problem about BDE? How to resolve this ???


Muh Aslan
Posted 12/8/2015
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