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  From the January 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Paradox OPAL: Language Basics:
ObjectPAL Logical Operators
Posted 12 years ago on 2/12/2009 and updated 9/19/2009
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Languages Focus: Logical Operators

Logical operators perform conditional and, or, and not operations. Some languages support both binary logical operators that link two and unary logical operators negate (make opposite) the truth value of its argument. Finally, some languages short circuit logic. For example, with this or that, if this is an expression returning true, then that is never executed.

ObjectPAL Logical Operators

ObjectPAL logical operators:

and and, as in this and that
or or, as in this or that
Not Not, as in Not This

Like VBA, ObjectPAL never short circuits. Given the expression this or that as well as this and that, if this evaluates to false, then that is still executed.

Syntax Example:
;Given expressions a, b, c, and d:
if Not (a and b) and (c or d) then
  ;Do something.

Simple Short Circuit Code Test

The following code snippet allows you to test out ObjectPAL's short circuiting. In the if statement of the pushButton event, the That() custom procedure executes even if This() is False.

To use the code, alter a pushButton event of a button as follows:

;This custom procedure.
proc This() Logical
  msgInfo("", "This")
   return False
;That custom procedure.
proc That() Logical
  msgInfo("", "That")
   return True
method pushButton(var eventInfo Event)
   ;Object always short circuits.
   ;The That() custom procedure executes even 
   ;though This() returns false.
   if This() and That() then
     msgInfo("", "both are true")

Using the Logical Not Operator

You can use the not operator in many contexts. One of my favorite uses for it is to toggle boolean properities with a single line of code:

BooleanProperty = Not BooleanProperty

Working Paradox Demo

The following demo works in all versions of Paradox for Windows. The demo uses the not operator to toggle the visible property of a box from a button.

  1. Create a new form and place a button and a box on it.
    Paradox form.
  2. Name the box "TheBox". To rename it, select the box, right click and click properties. In the Name of object field, change the name to MyBox.
    Demo of using not operator.
  3. Edit the pushButton event and alter it as follows below. Select the button, right click, click Object Explorer. Double click the pushButton event on the Events tab.
    method pushButton(var eventInfo Event)
      TheBox.Visible = Not TheBox.Visible

  4. Run the form and test. Select Program | Run and click the button. You'll notice the visible box toggles between visible and not visible with a single line of code.

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These operators play an important role in the way they just make the things better. I always do such experiments with the blogs tomake the codes remember by myself. Any ways it was such an aersome kind of tutorial for me.

Posted 18 months ago
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