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  From the September 2010 Issue of Prestwood eMag
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Delphi Inlining (Inline)
Posted 14 years ago on 2/4/2009
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 Tags: Delphi , Inlining


General Info: Inline Routines

Instead of calling a routine, you move the code from the routine itself and expand it in place of the call. In addition to manual inlining, some languages support automatic inlining where the compiler or some other pre-compiler decides when to inline a code routine. Also, some languages allow for developer defined inlining where the developer can suggest and/or force the inlining of a code routine. Inlining can optimize your code for speed by saving a call and return, and parameter management.

Languages Focus: Inlining

Does it support inlining? If so, does it support developer defined inlining? Does it support automatic inlining? Both?

Delphi Inlining

Delphi introduced developer defined function and procedure inlining with Delphi 2005. Use the inline keyword to tell the compiler to try to inline a routine (a compiler hint). Since Delphi will only try to inline the routine, make sure you test for speed because inlining a routine can lead to slower code under some circumstances.

Syntax Example:
function Add(a, b: Integer): Integer; inline;

More Info

Definition:  Inline Routines


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Inlining is a great concept, and a potentially powerful optimization.  Before using it, though, be sure to read Delphi's help about Inline.

Delphi 2006, for example, help has some very explicit things to say about inline.  Among them:

  • The inline directive is a suggestion to the compiler. It won't necessarily be observed.
  • There are a number of cases in which inlining will not occur.
  • Inlining will not occur on any form of late-bound method.  This includes virtual, dynamic, and message methods.
  • Routines that are not defined before use cannot be inlined.
  • Routines  that take open array parameters cannot be inlined.
  • Procedures and functions used in conditional expressions in while-do and repeat-until cannot be expanded inline.

There are other limitations, so be sure to read Delphi help.

Posted 14 years ago
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1 Advanced Level Question

Question #1: Multiple Choice

The correct syntax to inline a function is...

function DoSomething; __forceinline;
function DoSomething; inline;
_inline function DoSomething;

All of the above.


None of the above. Delphi does not support inlining even in later versions of Delphi such as Delphi 2005 and above.

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