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  From the November 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Delphi Language Basics:
Delphi Report Tools Overview
Posted 16 years ago on 11/26/2008 and updated 1/28/2009
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Languages Focus: Report Tools Overview

Built-In: Some development tools have a reporting tool built-in and some do not. For example, typically desktop databases such as Paradox and Access have a built-in reporting tool and typically that reporting tool is used with nearly every application built with it. A built-in reporting tool makes development of reports across many clients and applications consistent and therefore easy.

Add-On: Development tools that do not have a built-in reporting tool need to use either a currently bundled report writer, or one of the popular reporting tools that integrates well with the development tool. For example, popular reporting tools include Crystal Reports, ReportBuilder, and MS SQL Reporting Services (tied to MS SQL).

Delphi Report Tools Overview

Rave Reports comes closest to a Delphi standard now but historically there has been no real standard in Delphi development. Do-it-yourself developers sometimes like to use TPrinter for very simple reports. ReportSmith was bundled with the first few versions of Delphi.

Delphi has offered many embedded VCL component report options. Quick Reports has been a part of Delphi since Delphi 2.0 and has been the default report writer for many Delphi developers. Ace Reporter, ReportBuilder and Rave Reports are also very popular. During the time of Kylix, FastReports was popular because of it's cross-platform nature.

Crystal Reports is very common because of it's overall popularity as a stand-alone report writer that integrates well with many different tools.

An Incomplete History of Delphi Report Writers

In deciding which report writer you use with your Delphi for Win32 applications, I think it's important to know what report writers were bundled with Delphi historically. For me, I consider the following:

  • Which report writer(s) are currently bundled?
  • Historically which report writers were bundled?
  • Which non-bundled report writers are popular?
  • Which is the most popular report writer for Delphi?
  • Which is the most stable, feature-rich, and easy to use?
  • Do I need and want a VCL embedded report writer? Or a stand-alone report writer?

I will fill-in this information as I have time but I wanted to get started on it now.

Delphi 1.0

  • Bundled with ReportSmith 2.5

Delphi 2

  • Bundled with ReportSmith 3.
  • Quick Reports first bundled.

Delphi 2005

  • VCL solution: Rave Reports Borland VCL Edition from Nevrona Designs.
  • VCL.Net solution: Rave Reports Borland VCL.Net Edition from Nevrona Designs.
  • Delphi for .Net solution: Crystal Reports for Delphi for .Net.

Delphi 2006

  • VCL solution: Rave Reports Borland VCL Edition from Nevrona Designs.
  • VCL.Net solution: Rave Reports Borland VCL.Net Edition from Nevrona Designs.

Delphi 2009

  • Bundled with Rave Reports 7.6

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I've used AceReporter for many years now, and am always pleased to see it keeping up with the latest versions of Delphi - which is my biggest concern with using any 3rd party product. AceReporter gives me all the flexibility I need to create tailor made reports ans support is always first class.

Barry Wood
Posted 12 years ago

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Posted 39 months ago
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