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VCL.Net in Delphi Prism


I'm a big fan of VCL.Net. Is VCL.Net a part of Delphi Prism?


No. For existing VCL.Net based applications I recommend you stick with Delphi 2007 until it's time to convert it to Delphi Prism.


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I used to like VCL.  Well, it is still okay, but the controls in WPF/Silverlight are just so much more flexible it makes the VCL really show their age.  Most of the .Net controls that I use can be TOTALLY CHANGED in their appears through either styles or templates.  That means if I want to make a button be round with a circular gradient and the text going in a circle around the perimeter of the button, I know I can.  And actually surprisingly easily.

And similarly for a DataGrid compared to a DBGrid.  Have you ever tried to change the way a cell works in a DBGrid.  It is miserable.  With a DataGrid it is trivial.  The cell is a template, so it is easy to make it anything you want.  Check boxes, radiobuttons, custom controls, anything. 

And you can do data binding in it.  That means it can be a collection of data entities from a database WCF call.  Or it can be an array of objects.  The data, whether it is an array, or a list can also be an array of different kinds of object classes.  And each item can have its own default style.  Then each row could be different in appearance.

No VCL is NOT a good reason to stay with Delphi.  Unless you have a ton of code already.  And even then, it would probably be worth it to convert to Prism just to refactor your code and use MVVM.

No, I don't miss VCL in the least actually.

Posted 8 years ago

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