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ASP Classic Tool Basics:
ASP Classic Comparison Operators (=, <>)
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ASP Classic Code Snippet:


General Info: Round Floating Point Numbers

When comparing floating point numbers, make sure you round to an acceptable level of rounding for the type of application you are using.

Languages Focus: Comparison Operators

A comparison operator compares two values either literals as in "Hello" and 3 or variables as in X and Counter. Most languages use the same operators for comparing both numbers and strings. Perl, for example, uses separate sets of comparison operators for numbers and strings.

ASP Classic Comparison Operators

Save as VB Classic. Common comparison operators:

= equal
<> not equal
< less than
> greater than
<= less than or equal
>= greater than or equal
Syntax Example:
//Does ASP evaluate the math correctly? No!
If .1 + .1 + .1 = .3 Then
Response.Write "correct"
Response.Write "not correct"
End If

The Fix

There are several techniques for handling computer rounding errors. For ASP Classic, consider using the Round function. For example:

If Round(.1+.1+.1, 4) = .3 Then
  Response.Write "yes" & "<br>" 'Yes is displayed!
  Response.Write "no" & "<br>"
End If

Reserve Floating Point Values

Because computers have trouble representing floating point values, you may want to reserve the use of floating point literals for imprecise measurements such length, height, weight, etc. The very nature of measurements is imprecise.


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