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  From the December 2009 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Paradox OPAL: Wicked Coding Tasks:
Add an Option to Paradox's Tool's Menu
Posted 12 years ago on 6/10/2008
Take Away: How to add an option to the tools menu.


The following code is from Workbench for Paradox and it adds Workbench as a menu option to the Tools menu. For clarity, I simplified the routine a bit. When I have time I'll come back and add comments. In the meantime, if you have questions, contact me.

;Copyright (C) 1998 Mike Prestwood
;OK to use and modify this code 
;but do not post to any public location.
;You can post links back to this article: 
method cmAddToTools()
   sRead    String ;From Registry.
      sFirstTime  String
   sGet    String ;From getFileName.
    sFirstTime = getRegistryValue(kKeyWorkbench, "FirstTime", regKeyCurrentUser)
    sFirstTime = "No"
   sRead = getRegistryValue(kKeyTools, "&Workbench", regKeyCurrentUser)
   sRead = ""
 sGet = getFileName()
 if (sRead <> sGet or sFirstTime = "Yes") then
   setRegistryValue(kKeyWorkbench, "FirstTime", "No", regKeyCurrentUser)
   f.openAsDialog(sWBPath + "Dialogs\\Welcome")
 if sRead <> sGet then
   setRegistryValue(kKeyTools, "&Workbench", sGet, regKeyCurrentUser)
   setRegistryValue(kKeyWorkbench, "WorkbenchPath", sGet, regKeyCurrentUser)
   msgInfo("Installation Note", sGet + "\n\nWorkbench installed (or reinstalled) to your Tools menu.
                        The next time you run Paradox, select Tools | Workbench to open Workbench.")

Manually Adding Menu Item's to Paradox

You can use the code above to add menu items to Paradox or manually by altering the registry.


You can add menu commands to the following menus:

  • File
  • Tools
  • Help
  • File | Open (Use "Open" key name.)
  • File | New (Use "New" key name.)

Inside a key, you place values corresponding to the menu command you want to add. To add a keyboard shortcut, precede the letter with an ampsersand. Precede the menu's value with an integer value (starting with 0) followed by a comma to specify a particular order for your menu item. The filename can be any Paradox form or script (delivered or not) as well as a program file (.EXE, .COM, .BAT, and .PIF), or .DLL. All other filenames are ignored.


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KB Post Contributed By Mike Prestwood:

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