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  From the January 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Coder Borland Database Engine:
Borland Database Engine 5.202
Posted 13 years ago on 5/9/2007 and updated 5/20/2017
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Download BDE 5.202 (includes a small BDE Information utility for testing the installation).

Download Link:

 Download File Now

Latest BDE

The BDE is still shipping with products in 2010 including Delphi and C#Builder 2010.
--Mike Prestwood

BDE 5.202 is the latest BDE and was released in 2001 (no updates since). Download Borland Database Engine (BDE) 5.202. This installation installs the BDE 5.202 plus a small utility program to test the installation called BDE Information utility.

BDE 5.202 is the latest BDE.
--Mike Prestwood

Verified 5/20/2017.

Check DLL Version

Use the BDE Administrator to check your current version and/or verify this installation program worked. In the BDE Administrator, select Object | Version Information. The DLL should be


Run the small version checker program attached to this application. Select Run as Administrator.

install and test BDE

If the BDE is installed and working correctly, you'll get the following dialog:

Reinstalling BDE

Vista and Windows 7 Note: You may need to launch the program as Administrator in order to have the rights needed to create the temporary table above. Alternatively, you could create a manifest file that requires admin rights.

Set Net Dir

The default for the Net Dir is C:\ which doesn't work on Vista. If you get an error, try setting the Net Dir using the BDE Administrator control panel applet. Make sure you Apply your changes to the BDE.

Download Link:

 Download File Now

More Info

KB Post:  BDE Best Practices: Safely Use Paradox Tables
Link:  Borland Database Engine (BDE) Downloads
Download:  Borland TUtility wrapped up in a Prestwood Installation
Article:  Repair Paradox Tables

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First Comment
Comment 1 of 24
Congratulation Mr. Prestwood. Very helpfull.
Posted 12 years ago

Comment 2 of 24

Can you help with this: I have installed Runtime and BDE (actually 5.2) on a Vista laptop, but can't find a path to the netdir folder. BDE lists the drives - but they are only the local drives on the laptop not the network drives, which the laptop can see fine from other applications. For example it can see the data and forms etc that are stored on the XP machine, but ovbviously can't open any db's that are being controlled by the netdir.  Would 5.202 by any chance help this? Or is there some Vista security or access setting that I need to alter? Thanks

Posted 11 years ago

Comment 3 of 24

Thanks a lot for your site found it researching what in gods name is a netdir. It has been helpful

Posted 11 years ago

Comment 4 of 24

>>...what in gods name is a netdir...

The NetDir (or network directory) is a folder on your network that all workstations have full access to (all rights) and is used manage what tables users have locked and/or what records each user has locked.

Posted 11 years ago

Comment 5 of 24

I am having the same problem as above - The BDE only sees the local drives, not the mapped drives on my Vista system. Any ideas why that would be.


Posted 11 years ago

Comment 6 of 24

Thanks very much!

It helped me ...

Posted 10 years ago

Comment 7 of 24

Thank you Mike! You helped me a lot.

Posted 10 years ago

Comment 8 of 24

Hi! Anyone knows the command line parameters to do a silent install with this executable?


Posted 9 years ago

Comment 9 of 24


Posted 8 years ago

Comment 10 of 24

Many thanks!!!

Posted 8 years ago

Comment 11 of 24

hi I am trying to create a WISE package to install BDE 5.2 on 32 bit/64Bit systems. I want the MSI package to use BDEMERGE.INI file to add BDE aliases after BDE is installed.

But Windows 7 does not give change/modify privileges to all users, When MSI is run BDE gets installed however, it raises error that Configuration settings cannot be set.

It would be helpful if you can give some pointers with regards to changing INSTALLDIR  for BDE5.2 on Win 7?

Posted 6 years ago

Comment 12 of 24

Thanks for making this available. I am trying to use this downloaded file to install BDE 5.2. The installation starts fine, but there must be some logic in the installation program because I am getting the error message below, even though I don't have any BDE applications running.

The installation program has detected BDE version currently running. Please close any applications using the BDE and then restart this installation.

Anyone have a resolution for this error message or an alternate BDE 5.2 installer?

Many thanks! --Joe

Posted 5 years ago

Comment 13 of 24

I did post this link on one of the Prestwood sites years ago, but I cannot find it anywhere.

Anyway, when Windows Vista was introduced I created a new customizable installer for the BDE which includes the 2/4GB diskspace patch as well as providing manifest files etc to allow installation/use of the BDE from a limited account. Settings changes are once again correctly forced to the cfg file (and not the registry which would require permissions) and by default the BDE is installed to the \BDE32 folder and the default netdir one directory deeper.

All up this means that UAC was (and still is) now a non issue for the BDE.

Two versions are supplied - with Sql Links and without. Be sure to read the readme file to see how you can set your defaults in the ini file.


Tested on Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 but not yet Windows 10 - used by many members of the Paradox Community group.

Some Hints:

Hint #1: Never assume you are the only BDE application installed on any given machine.

Hint #2: Never read/write the BDE settings directly from/to the registry. This is bad programming all round. Use the BDE API documented in about 1993 (there are most likely OPAL equivalent functions in many cases). You user will thank you for not screwing up other software that uses the BDE.

Posted 5 years ago

Comment 14 of 24

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Posted 101 days ago

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Latest Comment
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