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  From the March 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
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Message Board Ranks
Posted 17 years ago on 3/9/2007 and updated 4/3/2010
Take Away:

Our message board rank titles are based on Star Trek's Starfleet Officer Ranks, which are roughly based off the marine ranks. You rise up in the ranks by earning Prestwood points with our Member Points Program. You earn points by participating in our online community: visit, post, etc. You can spend your points in our online store.

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About Our Rank Titles

Our rank titles are based on Star Trek's Starfleet Officer Ranks. I know, I know, it's a bit geeky, but what the heck. You rise up in the ranks by earning Prestwood points with our Member Points Program. The easiest way to earn points is to visit every day and post to the Prestwood Message Boards. You earn points by participating in our online community: visit, post, etc. You can spend your points in our online store.

Comparison Of Naval and Marine Ranks (Dress Uniform Insignia)

  Min # of
Member Points
Naval Rank Star Trek
Marine Rank Marine
 15 5000 Fleet Admiral F-5 Field Marshal
 14 4000 Admiral F-4 General
 13 3000 Vice-Admiral F-3 Lieutenant-General
 12 2000 Rear-Admiral F-2 Major General
 11 1500 Commodore F-1 Brigadier General
 10 1000 Captain O-6 Colonel
 9 500 Commander O-5 Lieutenant-Colonel
 8 400 Lieutenant-Commander O-4 Major
 7 300 Lieutenant O-3 Marine-Captain
 6 200 Lieutenant-Junior Grade O-2 1st Lieutenant
 5 100 Ensign O-1 2nd Lieutenant
 4 50 Cadet 4th Year O-0O-0O-0O-0 Cadet 4th Year
 3 25 Cadet 3rd Year O-0O-0O-0 Cadet 3rd Year
 2 10 Cadet 2nd Year O-0O-0 Cadet 2nd Year
 1 0 Cadet 1st Year O-0 Cadet 1st Year


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About Starfleet Officer Ranks

Starfleet follows a simple system. All department are equal in authority. and the only characteristic difference is the Rank of the individuals in each department, even if those Ranks are named differently.

Medical, Engineering, Science, Diplomatic, and Command, inherited the use of the original Earth Naval Rank system, where as the Marines have adopted the old Earth Army Ranks.  But needless to say, the Marine Ranks, whilst different in name and design, hold the same weight as there corresponding Naval Rank.

e.g. A Naval Cdr. has the same authority as the corresponding Marine Rank, in this case Lt. Colonel. As such a Naval Cdr. can give orders to a Marine Major, because the Naval rank of Cdr. is higher than the Marine Rank of Major. This system works both ways, a Marine Lt. Colonel can give orders to a Naval Lt. Cdr.

This is a good point to note that Naval ranks are used in all of the following departments;

  • Command
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Diplomatic
  • Security/Tactical
  • Science

Personnel who join the Intelligence section of Starfleet may do so only after they have graduated the Academy in one of the above fields. As a result that individual joins the intelligence service as experts in there chosen field, and thus retain there duty and dress uniform color, e.g., a Medical officer would retain his/her teal colour. Only if a individual joins the administration side of the intelligence service will the uniform be changed. The new uniform color worn would then be red. 

More Info

KB Post:  Member Points Program


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Comment 1 of 2

ahh... how refreshing: a Trekkie like myself!

The only question is (and HAS to be): which version is your first favourite?!  Depending on your answer/s, mine being Star Trek: TNG (especially after the first major uniform overhaul) - I dunno, I always thought of the Kirk-era (as Kirk): as... being... too... cheesy!  Must... go... towards... the LIGHT!


I must admit, I liked Enterprise too: no accounting for taste, I suppose!

Posted 16 years ago

Comment 2 of 2
Enterprise was good. It grew on me after a few episodes. My favorite series was Voyager though.
Posted 16 years ago
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