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  From the October 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Message Boards, Blogs, and WIKI's
Posted 17 years ago on 10/12/2006 and updated 9/28/2009
Take Away:

A message board is for Q&A, blogs are personal, and WIKI's are controlled.


What's the difference between a message board, blog, and a wiki?

  • Message Board - The traditional definition is "an Internet-based forum for an interest group". In general, a question and answer format with moderators monitoring or controlling areas. Frequently the same question or related question is asked many times.
  • Newsgroup - Newsgroups are really just a particular format of a message board. Sometimes more specific topics than a message board.
  • Blog - The traditional definition is "to author an online diary or chronology of thoughts". In general, more opinion oriented and centered around the topics chosen by a single blog author. Frequently the author has control over who and what is posted.
  • Wiki - The traditional definition is "a collaborative Web site set up to allow user editing and adding of content". In general, more of a submission and approval approach. Users submit a document, a review committee reviews it and once approved, it appears online.
So what about
What do we have at Although we've never offered a formal newsgroup, we have incorporated a message board, blogs and wiki-style online collaboration for years.
Prestwood Message Boards
We have a message board at Over the years we've had several message boards we've incorporated into our online community. To fully experience the MyPrestwood community, you need both a MyPrestwood account and a message board account. In the near future we will add a message board to our ASPSuite product and move all of the posts and moderators over to Don't worry we will not lose any posts.
Prestwood Knowledge Base
Our online knowledge base is a WIKI-style knowledge base. Meaning, anyone at all can post a new document and add to existing documents WIKI-style. Visit our Prestwood Knowledge Base to see it in action. We will be adding the term "WIK-style" to our knowledge base as appropriate to take advantage of the WIKI awareness of our visitors.
Prestwood Technical Blogs
Recently we added technical blogs to for a more opinion oriented forum that is controlled by the blog author. Visit our Prestwood Blogs to see it in action.


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