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  From the November 2011 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Delphi Using Data:
Valid SQL Insert Query for the Database Desktop
Posted 18 years ago on 10/9/2002 and updated 3/18/2003
Take Away: The Database Desktop IS Paradox. It's just a stripped down version. The SQL editor in the Database Desktop (and in Paradox) allows you to execute one SQL statement at a time.


The SQL editor in the Database Desktop (and Paradox), does not allow executing of multiple SQL statements. Also, when executing against local Paradox, dBASE, etc. tables, the Local SQL engine is used which is limited.

Here's an example of a valid insert statement:

INSERT INTO ":dbdemos:employee.db" (EmpNo, LastName, FirstName) 
VALUES (1, "Prestwood", "Mike");

A few options:

  • You can open the table and edit the data directly.
  • You can try adding the records using the Tools | Utilities | Add menu option.
  • You can do a QBE Insert query. Look in the help file for more information on executing an QBE insert query.

    Just for background: The Database Desktop IS Paradox. It's just a stripped down version. It's kind of a weird combination of the runtime and full version of Paradox. It allows you to open and edit tables, QBEs, and SQL statements, but not forms, reports, etc. Most of the menu options have been removed, but it does have the Utilities menu.


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