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Empty String Check (C++/CLI and Delphi Prism Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

C++/CLI versus Delphi Prism: A side by side comparison between C++/CLI and Delphi Prism.


A language symbol used for assignment, comparison, computational, or as a logical.

Empty String Check

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An empty string is a zero length string, a string that is equal to null (""), or not assigned. In some languages, you can check if a string is empty by comparing it to an empty string (""). Some languages distinguish between nil and null ("") so checking if the length is 0 is easier.

C++/CLI:   String.IsNullOrEmpty

The .Net framework offers a static method in the string class: String.IsNullOrEmpty.

Syntax Example:
String^ s;
//s = ""; //Uncomment to test 2nd case.
if (String::IsNullOrEmpty(s))
  MessageBox::Show("empty string");
Delphi Prism:   length

In Prism, a string can be nil (unassigned), assigned an empty string (""), or assigned a value.  Therefore, to check if a string is empty, you have to check against both nil and (""). Alternatively, you can check the length of the string or use String.IsNullOrEmpty.

Syntax Example:
var s: String; 
if (s = nil) or (s = '') then
  MessageBox.Show("empty string");

or use length:

if length(s) = 0 then
  MessageBox.Show("empty string");

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