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Thanks for that - I am there.  I got a thing called Netbeans that uses the Java/Swing approach.  Is there a better IDE for this sort of thing?
Posted 11 years ago
Which Development Tool would YOU use?
Maybe I'm cynical, but as a developer meeting with a prospective client to gather requirements, I always wait for that one "gotcha" that turns a simple, straightforward project into a potential daymare. 
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Mike, is there any way we can attach the current version of that MDB file to this article, in case it becomes unavailable at some point? 
Posted 11 years ago
Geolocation: Step by Step
I need to perform a search for all the (jobs, contractors, appraisers, deli's) within 50 miles of my home.  How can I do that? This tutorial will guide you through the process step-by-step and provide you with the ability to input any two zip codes and get back the distance based on latitude and longitude. The skills and tools needed for this task are simple...
  • basic MSSQL skills
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    Interesting. I had heard that some older browsers ignore it, but not that there is an alternate way of displaying it.  Since there are so many browsers, and open-source variants, I can't really answer that with a definite answer.
    Posted 12 years ago
    Get rid of the boring default icon on your website.  Add a custom icon!  Most browsers support .ico and the most popular ones will show any standard web image.  Follow this easy step by step to add one to your web page or site. Example: This is's icon. 
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