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Great website. Lots of information to Read. Great Man Keep Posting. Thanks. --- John
Posted 56 months ago
JavaScript Literals (quote or apostrophe)
{Too Long!}
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Hi Mike, my name is Amador Raga and I believe I have an account with PrestwoodBoard many years ago. Just this morning, I felt homesick on using Delphi when I got an Ad that Delphi is dead.  Anyway, I was surprised when I saw your comment that semicolon at the end of Javascript statement is optional. It may be optional in some cases but NOT in this:
//Semicolons are optional:
document.write("Hello4") --- Amador Raga
Posted 9 years ago
JavaScript End of Statement (; is optional)

Languages Focus: End of Statement

In coding languages, common End of statement specifiers include a semicolon and return (others exist too). Also of concern when studying a language is can you put two statements on a single code line and can you break a single statement into two or more code lines.

JavaScript End of Statement

In JavaScript, using a semicolon at the end of statements is optional. You might think a semicolon then is just another comment specifier but it is not. The semicolon is an optional end of statement specifier. To put two statements on a single code line, you must use a semicolon. However, the semicolon is optional, but probably confusing, when you break a single statement into multiple code lines.,
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how to find browser close event., or how to concurrent logins from same user. --- Mahesh
Posted 9 years ago
Close Browser with JavaScript
How do you close a browser in a link?
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