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Website marketing here is defined as real marketing both free and paid. These websites try to bundle themselves in with "social networking", but do NOT be fooled. They are not. Social networking is about people interactions around something other than "a listing database". These sites are about business listings similar to the old yellow pages. Be aware that signing up for a free listing will mean their sales guys will call and hard sell you. Be aware that there are lots of these websites out there and you need to understand the true value of a paid listing, the difference between impressions and click throughs, etc. PLEASE lean on us because we can help guide you through the technical aspects of true marketing using digital avenues such as the internet and mobile apps.

Our suggestion to start is to setup the free listings and get a thick skin for when their sales people call. Why not? It's free. If you have a marketing budget to post ads, try Google Adwords first. If successful, then try the others. Our experience is that none of them return a good ROI. You are better off paying someone to do more "true" social networking and to work the free listings and coupon postings.

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Mike Prestwood
1. Setup Yellow Pages (

Claim your free listing. Phone verification required.

6 years ago

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Mike Prestwood
2. WordPress Marketing Procedure
10 months ago, and updated 7 months ago

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