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Paradox Coding Getting Started Page

Welcome Guest!

Paradox getting started page -- a collection of beginner-level introductory links and articles.

Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding

Corel Paradox for Windows and ObjectPAL group (was Borland Paradox). Covering all versions of Paradox for Dos, Paradox for Windows, and Paradox for Linux including help with the BDE and Paradox tables.

Paradox Developer's EditionWelcome Paradox power-users
and ObjectPAL developers!





Start Here: Everyone Articles

We have tons of info here, but the following are important Paradox articles everyone should read:

Mike Prestwood Interview

This interview was conducted by SSAPCS in April 1999 and this is the result of that interview.

Paradox Books

List of Paradox books. Lots to download here!

Paradox Commercial Apps

Commercial applications built using Paradox. Add your commercial app!

Paradox Coding Convention
Prestwood Coding Convention: Paradox Edition

Standards help ensure a successful end product. Our standards include a documented software development process (the recipe for building software), and a coding convention (which guides us on the details of using specific software). Our standards are here for you or your organization to adopt!

ThesaurusThe serious programmer's editor of choice! Advanced multi-tabbed source code editor includes support for HTML, ObjectPAL, C++, Batch files, Delphi, SQL, Java, VB, Perl, and more.

Paradox 9 BookParadox Power Programming
By Mike Prestwood.
The official developer's guide to ObjectPAL and Paradox. The Most Complete Guide to Programming in Paradox. This book explains how to use the key components of Paradox programming, including ObjectPAL, Database Design, Object-Based Programming, SQL, Crosstabs, Graphs, Application Framework, Runtime, and Distribution Expert.

Workbench for Paradox
Add 50+ options to Paradox.
Workbench is an add-on suite of tools for the 32-bit version of Paradox and is geared toward speeding up the development of business database applications. This tool suite installs right into Paradox's Tools menu giving you easy access to over 50 options.

psSendMail DLL
Send e-mail directly from your application. Works with all 32-bit Windows development environments and includes Paradox, Access, and Visual Basic examples.

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